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Integration of New Technologies on Project Management Activities

Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Feb 14, 2017 11:03:12 AM
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SilverStorm, an IT consulting firm, characterised by its innovative approach it puts at your disposal digital transformation content.

Each week we inform you about our digital transformation and its implications on different business areas that firms have. This week post is focused on Project Manager and its role on digital transformation.

Project Management has been influenced by new technologies as well as other business departments, adopting these new technologies and with it their advantages. According to trends, Project Management systems tend to total integration and tool ubiquity, requirements that are developed and achieved by the use of new technologies.

Therefore, as well as other managers, Project Manager should adopt new technologies tapping into their potential and the opportunities that they offer. Once a Project Manager has released new technologies, they should use it daily carrying out business processes based on the new platforms and tools the new technology presents that are in line with their digital environment. The Project Manager must evangelize it to their team members to create a positive attitude towards the new technology promoting use.

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Project Management skills are executed in every single project. Skills to manage technical process, which include engineering, product design and management processes. Components that shape management processes in most cases are: range, integration, quality, times, costs, supplies, resources, risks and communication. It is important to highlight processes that make up each project are not lineal or interactive, so in many phases all of them do not gain feedback. This means integration between processes and components that make up each project are essential, which is critical to making a business efficient and adding value to the firm and its customers.

New technologies have boosted collaborative work between all people involved on each project, thanks to Product Data Management (PDM). PDM supports projects based on management of life cycle of products or services, aiding the development process of each product/service. New technologies, for example cloud computing, allow to Project Manager obtains a big number of benefits:

  1. Work details are more transparent
  2. You get up to the minute progress updates
  3. Important information is easily accessible
  4. Timelines and assignments can be adjusted
  5. You always have one version of the truth
  6. Reduce execution times of projects
  7. Increase of productivity
  8. Standardization and homogenization of processes and formats
  9. Quality improvement base on better data integration
  10. Improve technical relations with the rest of collaborators involved on projects




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