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Manage, Measure and Create Insight

Posted by Dave McCourt on Feb 8, 2017 11:06:00 AM

SilverStorm, an Technology Consulting firm, characterised by its innovative approach it puts at your disposal digital transformation content.

Identify the true impact of company strategies and uncover proactive measures or insights that could be the difference between their success or failure.

In today’s world, where database and cloud technology advances are making data storage easier and much more affordable, our main problem no longer lies with recording data but rather with what we do with it once we have it.


In addition:

  • In many cases the information we record is fragmented across several different sources. Meaning that business critical reports are often difficult to generate and require either intervention by local DB administrators or manual effort to produce.
  • Almost all our focus is spent generating and reacting to operational level reports with little time spent on defining real proactive insights.
  • The information that we do manage to extract is very rarely benchmarked against desired outcomes.
  • The lack of a clear distribution strategy or vehicle for delivery means that often we opt to send reports to mass distribution lists. Leading to information overload where important information is lost in the avalanche of other data.

Forward-thinking companies have already embraced the shift towards Business Intelligence. Those companies with next-generation Business Intelligence who can Manage, Measure, and Create Insight will out-execute all competitors.

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With current Digital Transformation project failure rates set at between 65% and 85% (depending on the source). Digital decision makers must measure and prove the value of their strategies to drive continued investment. Digital Transformation is a constant evolution and to survive, digital strategies must be agile in nature and backed up with real time performance analysis. As a result, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics have been the top trending priorities for CIOs over the past 5 years. Without reliable insight, strategy development is more often than not doomed to failure before it even starts.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help us thrive in this challenging environment.

  • Challenge: Fragmented data silos, lack of confidence in available information.
  • Solution: A single system of record. Providing joined up information across the enterprise. A reliable single source of truth.
  • Challenge: Manual assembly or reliance on IT for creation of reports
  • Solution: Powerful reporting engine. Easy to create reports and dashboards. Users able to create own adhoc reports and dashboards.
  • Challenge: Fragmented data silos, lack of confidence in available information.
  • Solution: A single system of record. Providing joined up information across the enterprise. A reliable single source of truth.
  • Challenge: Operational level reporting, only reactive reporting, no real performance measuring (business or strategies), no analysis or insights.
  • Solution: Performance indicators and Insight generation. End to end reporting and performance management (from a strategic to operational level). Transformation of Big Data into Insight - Lagging and Leading indicators.
  • Challenge: Information overload, late delivery of information, wrong audience.
  • Solution: Insight delivery vehicle. Real time role specific dashboards and reports.


All the solutions described above are included in the SilverStorm ServiceVision product.

  • A reliable single source of truth.
  • End to end reporting and performance management.
  • Transversal KPIs.
  • Insight from “Big Data”.
  • Real time role specific dashboards and reports.
  • A route to competitive advantage.
  • Tangible measurements.
  • A vehicle for communication.



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