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Performance Analytics and Reporting with ServiceNow

Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Mar 2, 2017 11:30:00 AM
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The daily requirements of an organisational leader involve managing daily operations, meeting Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), and analysing data to identify areas of improvement. In addition to the daily tasks, organisational leaders are also faced with the constant and evolving challenge of delivering a high quality service to its users while minimising the costs.


ServiceNow Performance Analytics provide secure and simple access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that enable proactive actions in improving business services. Rich, interactive visualisations provide accurate data required to drive service delivery quality and efficiency.

Automated Information gathering and Sharing

ServiceNow allow you standardise visualisations of data across the Enterprise and limit the number of required metrics, reports and dashboards needed to drive service quality and minimize cost.

With our experience your company could eliminate discussions on who has the ‘best’ data as all data is based on a single system of record. Moreover, you can redirect your reporting resources to more important tasks and reduce time spent collecting data, crunching numbers in spreadsheets and formatting decks and project plans.

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Actionable Reporting and Analytics

ServiceNow and SilverStorm provide you a solution in visualising emerging problems in workflows and services and take actions before they impact the business. In fact, you could provide workers in-form analytics to help them view key trends and processes to accelerate request fulfilment. 

Role-based dashboards with customised views drill down to the record level to explore key insights into your data. You can proactively manage your processes by tracking the right metric to ensure you meet your SLAs, increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing costs

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A Secure and Robust Data Environment

Unlike external analytic solutions, no data is duplicated or leaves the secure ServiceNow Enterprise cloud. Data is protected at all times by same Access control lists (ACLs) you implement across the ServiceNow platform – reducing your cost and risk.

Rely on Enterprise-grade high availability cloud architecture that includes data replication and a dedicated database so you can comply with a wide range of industry certifications and protections such as SSAE16/SOC1 Type II, IQOQ, FISMA and ISO27001

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