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Some Reasons to Adopt Business Process Automation

Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Nov 22, 2017 12:43:51 PM
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According to TecVision, 25% of world’s economy will be digital in the next 3 years. For this reason, the current technological environment is forcing companies to transform their business models.

The use of new technologies strengthens a company’s competitiveness and ensures their performance. Intelligent automation is one of the trends that SilverStorm predicted years ago giving us the advantage of years of automation understanding.


To SilverStorm automation is one of the most important trends because of its ability to accelerate the continuous innovation that generates large profits for the long term. The intelligent automation that we offer give the choices to our customer of:

  • Detection of anomalies to avoid interruptions of services
  • Classification and conversion of tasks
  • Identification performance trends to maximize improvements
  • Establishment of comparative frameworks to evaluate the performance against the competition

SilverStorm with its technological understanding recommend that to manage any automation process of laborious tasks it is necessary to:

  • Identify business processes that need be improved and allocating them to the relevant department (IT, Human Resources, Customer Attention, Marketing…).
  • Define the core business services and automatize their broader tasks through intelligent automation.
  • Work with customers to know their worries and give visibility to our Digital Transformation Road Map.
  • Apply all principles of good practices on change management, which must be continuous and lead by the Board.
  • Develop and optimize the aptitudes of all people to help them to advance in an automatized environment.

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