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Ways to Transform the Business in 2017 (I)

Posted by David de Matias Batalla on May 23, 2017 4:06:58 PM
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Emerging technologies and cutting-edge methodologies have enabled today’s IT executives to transform the business in new ways and gain a competitive edge. Leading companies are embracing ‘design thinking’ to develop logical workflows for employees, business partners, and external customers. Meanwhile, a growing number of companies are streamlining business processes to simplify the employee experience and boost productivity. In the fall of 2016, more than 200 IT executives gathered at ServiceNow ExecConnect events across five countries—France, Germany, Netherlands, U.K. and Australia—to share their stories on transformation through service.

  1. Deliver a tailored experience for each audience

Thanks to the individualized experiences we’ve come to expect as consumers, it’s become essential for companies to design customized customer experiences. Companies such as Amazon, The Ritz-Carlton, and Zappos have set the bar, creating heightened expectations for exceptional consumer experiences among customers and employees. Unfortunately, the consumer experience hasn’t transferred to the employee experience. According to the ServiceNow 2016 State of Work Report which canvassed 2,400 managers across four continents, popular consumer services ranked significantly higher than workplace services. While consumer services outpaced workplace services in key areas such as ease of use, notifications, and speed of delivery, the deployment of automation is helping companies to close the gap. When a workplace service is automated, 40% more managers said it’s easy to request and nearly 60% of respondents said the service is delivered quickly.

  1. Become a trusted business advisor

One thing that differentiates the CIO from any other executive in the organization is that the CIO has a 360-degree view of the enterprise. This includes insight into each of the interdependencies between discrete functions and business units. As a result, the CIO can pinpoint opportunities where data and analytics can be used to identify and respond to customer and market shifts, drive innovation, foster growth, and lower costs. This is one of the reasons why a rising percentage of CIOs (23% in 2015 vs. 19% in 2014) view themselves as trusted allies of the CEO, according to January 2016 research by Gartner. The CIO must act on their exceptional perspective and share these insights with business leaders and members of the C-suite to engender trust. CIOs who exploit these competencies and consistently deliver business value to the enterprise position themselves for greater success.

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  1. Create value through design thinking

Now that digitalization is the new normal in business, IT must embrace design thinking to provide customers, employees, and business partners with logical, streamlined experiences based on how they intend to use a product, service, or app. Companies that embrace design thinking will proactively meet the evolving needs of customers, employees, and other key constituents. The proof is evident in the business performance of designled companies. An October 2016 study conducted by Forrester Consulting found that 41% of designfocused companies achieved greater market share while 46% listed competitive advantage and wins as another benefit.

Source: ServiceNow

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