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Ways to Transform the Business in 2017 (II)

Posted by David de Matias Batalla on May 25, 2017 9:58:00 AM
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Emerging technologies and cutting-edge methodologies have enabled today’s IT executives to transform the business in new ways and gain a competitive edge. Leading companies are embracing ‘design thinking’ to develop logical workflows for employees, business partners, and external customers. Meanwhile, a growing number of companies are streamlining business processes to simplify the employee experience and boost productivity. In the fall of 2016, more than 200 IT executives gathered at ServiceNow ExecConnect events across five countries—France, Germany, Netherlands, U.K. and Australia—to share their stories on transformation through service.

  1. Simplicity is bliss

When it comes to process modeling and application design, less is more. Blending enterprise service management with design thinking can reduce administrative tasks and streamline work processes. In turn, devising employee-centric work processes and applications can increase employee efficiency, boost productivity, and accelerate desired business outcomes. Companies that have successfully blended enterprise service management with design thinking have generated powerful business returns. An IDC study of ServiceNow customers reveals a whopping average ROI of 449% over a five-year period coupled with an average payback period of just 7.4 months.

  1. Turn digital disruption into opportunity

The CIO’s comprehensive view of the enterprise—coupled with their knowledge of the industry and involvement in corporate strategic planning—can help identify disruption opportunities ahead of the competition. Still, CIOs need to have the right tools in place to execute on digital disruption opportunities. Many don’t. According to IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda Predictions 2016, 60% of digital transformation initiatives will not be able to scale due to a lack of strategic architecture.

cambio cultural transformacion digital.jpg     3. Liberate the power of the enterprise with business strategists 

Every company has untapped potential, and having a business-focused IT team is key to acting on opportunities as they arise. Building a world-class IT team today is all about hiring talent with strong  business acumen. Highly adaptive business process experts who are good  listeners and communicators can heighten collaboration with business peers. They can also deliver domain experience relative to the business function being supported while deepening relationships between IT and business colleagues. CIOs certainly see the value—51% of enterprise CIOs use liaisons between business and development teams, according to The CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2016 conducted by IDG Enterprise.

    4. Exploit speed as a competitive advantage 

Time is the new currency. The faster your employees can get work done, the faster your company can innovate. And the easier it is for customers to seamlessly interact with your company, the more agile and competitive your organization will be.


Because IT touches every aspect of the company, CIOs and IT teams that take advantage of transformational processes and technologies can grow the company, innovate, and outpace the competition. Companies that don’t will be left behind—as evidenced by overly long development times being cited as the greatest barrier to generating returns on innovation and product development (42% of respondents) in a BCG Global Innovation  Survey 2015.

Looking for additional ways to transform your organization’s business? Ask your ServiceNow sales representative how to join us at CIO Decisions17 or Knowledge17 ExecConnect in Orlando, Florida, May 8-10, where we’ll continue to explore these topics and share additional ways to drive business transformation.

Source: ServiceNow

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