7 keys for Digital Transformation

Posted by SilverStorm on Feb 18, 2020 8:55:00 AM

18.02 Key Digital Transformation

Companies nowadays live in a world where differentiation from the competition is in their DNA, and in order to differentiate themselves, companies need to address the challenge of Digital Transformation. According to Forrester Research, 70% of companies that were on the Fortune 1000 list ten years ago have now disappeared. The reason?  Their inability to adapt to change and carry out a process of change in their digital strategies.

The secret is also to encourage the effective use of IT based on improving the quality of digital experience, automating manual processes that remove any complexity for end users, and adapting and delivering at the "speed of light".

Based on these pillars, we can set out the main keys that IT departments should take into account when developing an effective technological transformation process:

  • If workers are happy and their devices are working with the performance they need, productivity improves.
  • Digital Transformation encompasses, in addition to technology, organizational and cultural changes.
  • It is important to understand that Digital Transformation is not a single process, but rather a journey during which strategies must evolve and be refined.
  • Digital Transformation must be broken down into smaller, achievable initiatives that make up a roadmap. Each initiative should be defined with clear objectives, specifying the expected results.
  • The four fundamental pillars of Digital Transformation are standards, technology, processes and, of course, people.
  • Technological changes must be viewed as an investment, since technology allows us to start getting much more out of the solutions and initiatives implemented.
  • Digital Transformation is the path, not the destination.

And your business? Is it ready to meet the challenges of Digital Transformation?  If the answer is no, think about how you can help your business along this path. These are just some of the keys. Explore, research and act. Only a proactive attitude will put you on the disruptive cutting edge that differentiates those who find success from those who still pursue it - don't get left behind!

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