9 Steps to Success in an Onboarding Process

Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Dec 19, 2017 11:37:06 AM
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Onboarding is the action or process of integrating a new employee into an organization and familiarizing with one's products or services. Although many do not consider it, this one of the most important steps of any employee’s career plan. The hidden importance for many professionals is that what happens at this time of reception will have a direct impact on all the time the employee remains in the company through productivity, talent retention and decentralization.

An Onboarding Plan entails any organization a series of advantages both short and long term. In the short term, that is to say, in the first weeks in which a worker begins his career in a new company, the main advantage is the integration of the employee to the company and to their job in a quick way which as adequate as possible. But this is not the only advantage on which we must put the focus. Both the department of resources and the department to which the new employee belongs must be assured through this process of onboarding that the mission, the objectives and the strategies of the company are transmitted correctly and the new employees internalize them.

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Therefore, the realization of an adequate Onboarding Plan is critical for the company's own competitiveness and where employees are the true protagonists, both in being integrated and being integrators of their new co-workers. What steps does a good Onboarding Plan have to contain in order for it to be executed correctly? Below are new exhibitions that we believe are vital.

  1. Alignment of expectations of the new employee and their integration into the company between the department where the employee will work and those responsible for carrying out the plan.
  2. Implement real activities and comply with a series of minimum requirements in every landing plan.
  3. Give the possibility to the new employee of the company to be a participant in the decision making of their new team.

  4. Convey the values of the company to the employee so they feel them and live them daily.

  5. Do everything possible so that the new employee has a good understanding of the company and its image.

  6. Start to give responsibilities to the new employee that has entered the work team.

  7. Properly transmit feedback to the employee to identify and correct possible ‘gaps’ that may affect the daily work.

  8. Automate processes and proportional interactivity, allowing the involvement of all employees to increase.

  9. Conduct follow-up surveys that identify both positive and negative aspects of the Onboarding Plan implemented by the company. 

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