A Single Integrated Environment to Rapidly Build Applications for Any Business Need

Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Oct 26, 2017 7:34:28 AM
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Business Application Services (BAS) is an alternative to resource definition online (RDO) that enables you to manage CICS® resources in terms of the business application to which they belong, rather than their physical location in the CICSplex.

in your enterprise. Within the application, you can group together resources of a particular type and define the run-time characteristics of that group. At run-time, you can refine the selection of resources to be installed by using a filter expression, and you can change the resource attributes by using an override expression.


ServiceNow Now Platform can help firm to deliver the applications they need faster than any others Platforms. How? Thanks to its features:

Custom Development

With the Now Platform, firms get out-of-the-box platform components and services, which firms can reuse in other apps they create.

High Productivity

Focus on business logic instead of implementing and configuring technical details around infrastructure and security.

Simplified Integration

Take advantage of auto-generated and scripted APIs that are also reusable.

Industry-Standard Languages and Libraries

Bypass the learning curve because firms can use the standards they already know, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and Angular.

Single Integrated Environment

Empower teams of no code, low code, and pro code developers to collaborate effectively on any project.

Some of the application types firms can create with ServiceNow Now Plartform are:

  • Process Automation: Build apps that use simple workflows to connect diverse manual and system‑based processes to execute previously manual processes.
  • Enterprise Integration: Integrate resources from both within and outside of the enterprise.
  • Engagement Portal: Build apps that provide a consistent consumer‑like experience to users that abstracts complexity into a single engagement portal for all services.
  • Case Management: Support a complex process that requires a combination of human tasks and electronic processes with support for workflow, collaboration, content, decision‑making, and processing of case outcomes.
  • Service Management: Apps allow requesters and fulfillers to collaborate in an exchange of information and actions within a single system of record.
  • IoT: Connect data, processes (technical and manual), and conditional outcomes and actions across a variety of dissimilar devices and systems to create end‑to‑end automation.


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