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Posted by SilverStorm on Jun 10, 2020 8:15:00 AM

10.06 Portada Accesso

The workplace is undergoing quick Digital Transformation, driven by industry trends such as anytime-anywhere work styles, the shift to the cloud and the growing number of technologies, service providers, standards and frameworks that, on the one hand, enable enterprises to remain competitive and protect their environments and, on the other, make the IT ecosystem increasingly complex to manage and subject to change.

In this scenario, accesses appear, keys you have to give those in the office on a daily basis so employees can access folders, programmes, computers, files, rooms... Many requests that take time away that you could be spending on other tasks. Not forgetting, of course, the problems of security and the protection of confidential information.

New colleagues are constantly joining your usual team, who also need to be given access. What is their role? you ask yourself. When you have the answer, you start managing the requests. You waste a lot of time. What's more, even onboarding is not agile.

This situation leads to general distrust in the company and guilt in the IT department. The service desk is saturated, you get frustrated and need more time to operate, which leads to a drastic reduction in productivity. You don't know how to help. You get paralysed. You see that the way out is by taking a step forward. And that step entails management automation, the creation of roles with determined accesses and access visibility to avoid cloning that breaks with standardization.

With all the information on the table, you decide to move forward with Digital Transformation. You know your starting point and where you want to get to. You are clear about it. Technology comes to your rescue, specifically the ACCESSO application. The SilverStorm international company has incorporated this innovative and disruptive solution into its portfolio of IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, and it has done so in a simple and intuitive way.

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With ACCESSO they seek to help customers working with ServiceNow on such basic processes as user access management, which is currently one of the biggest concerns companies have, especially in matters related to cyber security.

It should be noted that both physical and logical accesses are difficult to track and audit. In addition, it is essential to map systems, facilities and business functions to ensure that people have keys only to the doors they need to open to do their work.

10.06 ENG Destacado Accesso

Therefore, this application, certified by ServiceNow for Access Control Management (ACM), allows you to keep employee permissions organised and facilitate their management through ordered request lists, dashboards and customised reports and approvals. It centralises all the internal management of users and their accesses in a single module.

On a technical level, ACCESSO uses the ITOM model

  1. The application is based on the service catalogue to make different requests related to access services.
  2. The data is configured from the technical viewpoint.
  3. Depending on the assigned roles and the appropriate permissions, users can create and update requests.
  4. Access requests are represented as elements in a service catalogue and divided into three categories:
  • Configuration Items: This group of items is only accessible to application administrators. Configuration items do not require approval to be processed.
  • User Items: Items to manage ACCESSO users and their permissions. Each one generates a request that must be approved. Later on, application tasks will be generated, which do not need any approval to be managed.
  • Individual Accesses Items: This option offers the possibility of granting individual access for a limited time. The generated request does not require approval unlike the request tasks that are created automatically. Each task must be approved before changing its status.

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