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ITOM & ITIM in Industry 4.0 The digital transformation in ITOM

Posted by Raúl Poveda on Mar 7, 2018 4:41:10 PM

The evolution of the way of doing business in Industry 4.0 is putting the IT operations teams in an extreme situation. The devices to monitor and control every day are greater, they mix; technologies, protocols and hybrid environments (cloud & on premise) including IoT and huge amounts of very heterogeneous information to be treated. All of this while maintaining a high degree of adaptability and agility, but also ensuring the correct stability and high levels of performance without misleading the correct control of costs. The demand of the business is diverse complex and the participation of IT in it is vital to not lose growth or quota in a more demanding market every day.

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The New Customer Services Management Concept

Posted by Raúl Poveda on Feb 13, 2018 9:59:28 AM

Is there still any doubt that customer retention is one of the main challenges of any company today?

Has anyone set out to achieve this challenge without a ‘customer-centric’ model and achieving the best possible customer experience based on greater; closeness, ease, effectiveness and even better emotions?

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ITSM, "To infinity and beyond!” Current situation and trends of the ITSM industry

Posted by Raúl Poveda on Dec 13, 2017 6:37:08 PM

After several years of opinions, predictions, studies, surveys but also; hard work, a clear strategy of improvement, evolution, self-criticism and adaptation, we must recognize that the industry and ITSM solutions have managed to position and consolidate as an element of contribution of value and differentiation in organizations. If we pull only statistics which indicate that the sector will grow from a turnover of $4.4 billion to $8.78 billion in 2021, this is enough to prove the importance of these ITSM solutions.

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Transformation: Managing based on profits and value creation

Posted by Raúl Poveda on Feb 22, 2017 11:55:54 AM

Analysing scarcity and risks, bringing solutions and govern organizations based on value creation and profits generation

In any organization or business the transformation process is a complex process that involves structural aspects in the organization and imparts changes to the value chain, causing disruptive changes in the orientation and relationship with the environment and customer in financial activities and social relationships.

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The digital revolution and the Knowledge-based Society

Posted by Raúl Poveda on Aug 3, 2016 9:50:11 AM

I've started to analyze the challenges faced by organizations wanting to deliver strategies driving Digital Transformation. Even though I am still digesting that vast amount of content provided by itSMF in a recent seminar on the same topic, it is clear to me that it is vital that we must be capable of designing solutions that align with the latest business models adopted by modern-day companies.

The economic and social context. The digital revolution and the Knowledge - based society

Digital Transformation is already happening. It is not an option; we don’t have the luxury to leave this alone. It is necessary evolution, where it is important to keep the focus on change, people, technology, and processes.
Taking a look at the words that make up the trendy phrase, we should focus on the word “Transformation”. The inclusion of the word “Digital” is not the focus.
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Transformation or no transformation, that is the question

Posted by Raúl Poveda on Jul 8, 2016 9:45:54 AM

We cannot wait more, the time to take things seriously has arrived, in our organizations we face economic and social challenges that do not support any longer the famous "Let's wait and see what happens, it is too early now" or the worse "let’s do these small changes and then we'll see", if we raise this to our companies as our business strategy all that we get is that other companies, that begin before and even making mistakes, learn before us, get us advantage and become leaders.

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