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Posted by SilverStorm on Sep 29, 2020 8:30:00 AM


Scalability together with agility is the combination that companies demand from their partners as they fight for the Digital Transformation of their businesses, with the aim of facing the future head on. These changes affect employees, who are seeing how their workplace is evolving to become more and more digital. To ensure that in that transition productivity is not lost along the way, business growth is driven, and resilience is increased, it is key to scale IT and customer service operations quickly.

Therefore, focusing on IT, employees, and customers is the way to create great experiences that help you advance innovation and transform existing processes and infrastructures. Thus, organisations will be able to better compete in an environment that constantly changes as technology evolves. Of course, they will have to act fast.

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It’s true that as companies move further and further into an automated, software-defined world, they pick up speed because they transform processes and focus efforts on important tasks. Therefore, it should not be viewed as a threat. The secret to survival is based on a culture shift focused on the value of data analysis.

The current situation requires continuous monitoring in order to analyse the evolution of all kinds of social, technological, economic, and psychological indicators. Additionally, this monitoring should aim to identify weak signals, that is, facts or data that may influence the business, and early warnings, not only thinking about threats but also about opportunities. At the same time, experts recommend highlighting the aspects that point towards digital and social globalisation.

Like it or not, reality has changed forever, as the new normal is here to stay. In it are the hybrid models, with workers both at home and in the office. For this reason, it is essential to generate a network of interconnected employees who carry out their tasks effectively thanks to the management of innovative and disruptive services. How? By advancing while keeping in mind continuity and contingency, productivity, security, human resources, compliance, and organisational change.

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A significant number of organisations do not know how to face the future. The fundamental point to do so is to surround yourself with experienced partners. With their guidance you can have visibility and control over operations, as well as eliminate inefficient processes when incorporating new members to teams along with silos and shadow IT. This know-how will also enable companies to face new vulnerabilities, security risks, or legal problems and increase communication between their employees, which results in higher satisfaction and better overall well-being.

The way people work is changing, and the way companies engage with clients is ushering in a new era of employee and customer experiences. ServiceNow and SilverStorm work to create simple, unified digital experiences for employees all around the world. They offer prescriptive methodologies, leading practices, and accelerators that help clients deliver deployments and updates faster and with less risk.

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