Chatbots, time and resource-saving colleagues

Posted by SilverStorm on Apr 29, 2020 4:02:30 PM


Did you know that 20% of tasks carried out by the service desk or the Human Resources section don’t generate any added value? Are you worried? Although it’s hard to assimilate, it is the reality suffered by one out of every four companies. Now, what’s the reason? Employees usually have the same problems and come en masse to solve them, thus leading to a major bottleneck due to repetitive incidents that bring us nowhere.

What's more, those issues mightn’t even have reached the call centre if there was a chatbot that filtered those tickets and sent the solutions without bothering the people in charge of the corresponding department, who could focus on tasks that require knowledge and know-how. At this point, effectiveness and efficiency are needed at those points to decongest the areas that are overwhelmed.

Now, how do you realise that your company is going through a situation like this? Here are some points shared by organisations affected by inaction in Digital Transformation projects:

  • More inefficient workers. Their productivity decreases as they spend a lot of time solving problems that could be solved by virtual agents.
  • Discomfort and lack of satisfaction among users.
  • Poor service desk quality. Most of the time they are focused on solving problems derived from remote work.
  • Increase of incidences and, therefore, of costs.
  • Failure to meet expectations placed on the tool. You think you’ve thrown your money away with ServiceNow because you feel it’s not helping you during these moments of crisis.

If you don't want to know what it feels like and, above all, what you suffer by going through this on a daily basis, SilverStorm offers Setup Virtual Agents, a service with important benefits:

  • Savings in time and resources by identifying and automating repetitive tasks.
  • Ability to embark on new projects by freeing employees from non-value-added tasks.
  • Control of everything that happens in your business. You have complete traceability of both the problem and the solution.

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