The cloud, an ally of competitiveness

Posted by SilverStorm on Sep 15, 2020 8:30:00 AM


The cloud should be a priority for organisations that want to be competitive. According to Gartnerthis year the cloud will become the default option for the implementation of software. It will do so because it provides the flexibility that guarantees more agile and appropriate responses. In addition, it simplifies the management of the infrastructure, because it does not need to maintain physical servers, while providing interfaces that facilitate configuration and monitoring. 

This is a method to accelerate innovation that requires a group of professionals who apply their knowledge managing all environments without friction. Coming to the rescue of companies that want to climb to this dimension is the multicloud management of SilverStorma company with 17 years of experience in Digital Transformation projects. 

Every step you take follows the same security, quality, and governance criteria as any legacy infrastructure, such as traceability, control, security, and governance. Their hallmark is to bet on a management based on the best practices, those that they employ in their own data centre 

Now, what does SilverStorm contribute to each of the initiatives it directs? Organisational change management. We are aware that the best way to cross the finish line victoriously is to fully explain to and help the workers in this change of roles.  

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 With the cloud, we will go from a more technical job to one supported by management, which requires training and monitoring the feelings and emotions that this implementation affects in people. At this point, it is important to note that it is possible to deploy a cloud-based project in 20 weeks, although the time will vary depending on the customisations 

It is also essential that the cloud is linked to the ITSM module because, aside from eliminating unnecessary costs and consumption, every time an incident appears in the cloud it is reflected in ITSM in the same way as all the reports that workers make about their data centre. This allows you to eliminate security risks and centralise the elements, assets, and problems of an organisation.  

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In short, with this management, through a single console, the client will have complete visibility of all the infrastructures so they are able to apply each of the life cycle actions that they have planned, that is, whatever they need to carry out on the infrastructure 

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