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Posted by SilverStorm on Apr 22, 2020 4:31:54 PM

integrationhubIt is common to find companies that continue to advance in the same way they did 10 years ago, despite the fact that changes in the environment push teams to work and manage things differently. They decide not to board the Digital Transformation train because they believe that by following the traditional steps they will go further. Sometimes it works; however, that is not always so.

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the volatility of markets in how it destroyed the way many, for example, work, in just a matter of days. Until a few weeks ago, it was typical to go to the office, factory or administration to carry out tasks, surrounded by colleagues with whom you exchanged opinions, questions, doubts, advice, etc. Now the lockdown has made companies send their workers home.

From the solitude of their homes, workers carry out their duties. Quite a few employees cannot fulfil their obligations because organisations do not put the tools they need to successfully complete each working day at their service. Or if they do, the experience is not satisfactory, because there is no common thread that helps optimise every minute. They encounter technical problems and disconnections that slow down their time and, therefore, their productivity.

To unify all the solutions that are part of remote work, SilverStorm with the ServiceNow Integration Hub module provides a centralised and secure framework. In this way, you get visibility, control, monitoring, and alerts across all data workflows. In these times it is more necessary than ever to keep communication at the forefront of the mind.

Having a platform where your employees can access emails and notifications from tools like Teams, Zoom, Slack or HipChat is essential. With a single click they can consult all the internal and external information of the company, which will result in greater efficiency.

If you do not choose to unify all the solutions in ServiceNow, you will waste a lot of time entering in each one. DocuSign, Sharepoint, Teams, Zoom, Slack or Docker are more powerful as part of a whole than acting in isolation.

It is time to look at the future of your company. Turn to those who have the necessary knowledge to build a cog that fits so perfectly in the machine of your business that nothing and nobody can spoil your business plans. Never forget that authentication, connectivity and protocol communication help all processes to centralised successfully.

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