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Posted by SilverStorm on Oct 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Creating attractive environments and more efficient processes is the best way to improve our productivity. For this reason, the key is to focus on the results and manage, communicate and set objectives based on their achievement. Definitely the architecture of a stable business requires a motivated and prepared team to face the challenges that will arise in the future.

Human Resources, accompanied by technology, are the best allies to develop a unique and sustainable advantage to expand the company's horizon. In today's world, there is fierce competition between companies dedicated to Digital Transformation for getting maintenance contracts for small, medium and large companies. However, it is important to travel this path with a model partner.

SilverStorm offers a different point of view, as it expands the concept of maintenance to move towards continuous improvement. Our company, as a technical consultant, are in charge of contacting clients to guide them in their transformation, following the defined steps that are supported by the SilverStorm Bridge Adoption Model™.

When working in such complex environments it is important to have a solution such as ServiceNow. This solution has the ability to look for new possibilities and defines very quickly a series of points to improve with ServiceImprovement. A product that also facilitates Return On Investment (ROI) by ensuring that commitments are fulfilled.

The main purpose is that customers do not feel alone, so they receive the support of a partner when they start working with ServiceNow. At this point, there are two problems. On the one hand, users say that they can do it  on their own. It is true that it is a very intuitive and easily managed platform. In addition, it allows many configurations in a low / nocode mode, but it is also true that, without the right experience, you can create a monster very quickly if you do not respect the best practices. More so, if you do not have a line of work that adds value to the processes and, of course, to the business.

On the other hand, there are many customers who say they don't have enough budget. It is true that ServiceNow is a support service that can be considered an avoidable expense, however, nothing is further from reality. Using it in a successful way is an investment, whose return is noticed almost immediately, as it begins to use up much more of the performance of the platform.

To cover the entire process, SilverStorm offers a segment called Advanced Platform Support to solve small defects detected in the implemented processes that appear over time, whether they are implementation or product problems. In addition, it extends the standard technical support of ServiceNow, supporting customers in resolving any questions they may have and assisting them in interactions with the supplier. The road finishes providing the necessary proactivity to use up all the possibilities offered by the platform.

Other important segments are Architectural Services which ensure good practices and defining the strategic roadmap. Enhancement Services is focused on the execution of the previously defined plan. These two parts guarantee the execution of continuous improvement. But they are not the only services that help to mantain growth. Bridge Light, through the sessions to align the strategic objectives of the company and the evolution of the maturity situation, plans the software development to be implemented in the solution and maximises the value of business.

SilverStorm has a service called Health Check, where the state of the instance is analysed and a clear and concise analysis of any element of the system is obtained. The finishing touch to the service of continuous improvement is Basic Configuration Support, which responds to the need detected in some of our clients who do not have a platform administrator with sufficient experience, or who find it more economical to outsource the service. At this point, we offer a menu of actions that range from basic configuration, for example; managing users, groups and permissions, to more advanced, such as data loads or support in administration actions.

The process begins with the objectives that then backed by periodic reports on the work and progress made. The most important part is that these studies consider the satisfaction with the platform and IT department. The idea is to measure the organization at different levels to press the opinions and perceptions of the employees, as well as the efficiency and agility provided by the service.

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