Why a company should invest in Customer Service Management?

Posted by Raúl Espinosa on Dec 17, 2019 11:30:00 AM


Digital Transformation is essential for the survival of companies. Only those companies that meet the needs of their customers will be competitive in the market. To take the step, you must understand the model and find a partner that provides solutions with attitude, motivation and talent. SilverStorm guides this process and uses technology efficiently and safely, as well as evaluating and controlling new internal and external systems.

According to a global vision, this international company accompanies and guides business challenges in order to not fall behind and to achieve change in the organization. With that said, SilverStorm implements ServiceNow solution, a platform that improves the Customer Service Management service, not only solving the issues raised by the customer, but finding the root of the problems. This way, they solve problems with high probability.

The secret? Involving all teams in the delivery service. This situation causes a continuous improvement process that provides, apart from the economic benefits, the increase in the level of customer satisfaction.

According to studies conducted by Forrester, 82% of users declare that they leave their relationship with certain companies because they feel they have received poor service. On the other hand, 80% of companies ensure that they deliver an acceptable service, but in perception only 8% consider it as a good support. Contradictory data slows a companies’ expansion, because a customer increase of 5% translates into a 95% increase in profits. The reason is that the customer is the biggest asset of a business.

Implementing a more efficient work methodology decreases the workload of employees in a more appropriate way through a real-time interactive collaboration. In addition, it offers mechanisms to automatically assign tasks based on the skills of each worker. All these steps lead the clients to more appropriate answers to their problems in a faster and more satisfactory way.

Although Customer Service Management is applicable to any business regardless of its size, it is important to be clear that this service is more oriented to medium or high-sized corporations. However, any company that wants to strengthen the relationship with the customer can opt for this service and ensures that the technology is used efficiently and safely.

It is a cloud solution. An option that a few years ago business did not like because it caused distrust. Now, businesses have seen benefits and do not have to worry about support or maintenance because ServiceNow has solutions such as Customer Service Management. With this, companies can focus on efficiently delivering to customers those services and products they offer.

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