When being prepared is a necessity, not an option

Posted by SilverStorm on Sep 28, 2020 8:30:00 AM


Have you thought about how the “new normal” influences business continuity? Do you have a contingency plan in place for any unforeseen event? The current situation has a certain unstable nature, so companies must be prepared; it is not an option, it is a necessity. Above all if we take into account that the rest are already doing it. They are preparing for what may come based on four essential pillars: productivity, compliance, safety, and employees. They must feel the need to be leaders and not be left behind.  

The secret is to know where you are and where you want to go. Be aware of the risks involved in not having an accurate and mature contingency plan if the time comes to activate it. These threats and business processes are not usually well defined and there is no visibility. The consequences are clear: a delay in making decisions can weigh down your productivity and your profits. 

But why is it necessary to design a contingency plan? Every great work of architecture has had a plan, a guide, a design. It is the essence of good work. Without a clear direction, without documentation, and without a breakeven point, the impact of an outbreak or a situation similar to that of this pandemic will have a very negative effect on the business accounts. Good design will protect critical services against possible unforeseen events that may be detrimental to others that are not so critical. Along these lines, dedicating resources to activities that are not really necessary must be avoided in light of a possible change of scenery similar to that which we already experienced due to Covid-19. 

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Another variable that influences contingency and anticipation plans is time. It takes time to activate these plans and know how to distribute them between departments. Standardisation and automation are essential if you are looking for fast action times. Your company cannot be slowed down for this reason; everything must run as smoothly as a Swiss watch. Each department must follow the same guidelines to manage its tasks. It is the only way that the business can stay on the ball in terms of both efficiency and finances. 

Finally, all of this is meaningless if there is no foresight. An untested plan can be little or not at all effective and more time is wasted than saved. Most companies have no visibility regarding the feasibility of a contingency procedure. This is a serious mistake that will take you back to the starting point if you do not manage accurately, considering what will have the lowest possible impact on profits and productivity. 

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SilverStorm lays out the path you need. The one that takes you from your current state of uncertainty to the desired state in which nothing is beyond your control, including a possible return to restrictions or confinement. SilverStorm offers you the tools to manage the entire process, from risk identification to simulations of implementing contingency plans and coordinating between departments. This has not happened by chance, as this international consulting firm has been helping businesses on their Digital Transformation journey for more than 17 years ensuring quality, automatizing manual tasks, and implementing solutions at the speed of light. 

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