Why is continuous improvement so important to motivate your employees?

Posted by SilverStorm on Oct 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Companies seek to transform the way they relate to workers. They want to understand the problems they face during their workday. And the employees are their greatest asset. As a team and guided by a good proactive strategy, they are successfully moving towards Digital Transformation. Although they need to take the hand that technology gives them, the added value lies in learning to communicate with it. Establishing an understanding to introduce technology in processes and activities without generating friction and achieving the digital maturity they need.

The problem is that most companies have no awareness of continuous improvement, a basic pillar that involves the workforce in the search for return on investment and being at the forefront of quality. They invest in processes, however, the culture of identifying strengths and weaknesses to propose solutions and carry out the necessary actions to implement them is lacking. In fact, it is quite common for companies to work reactively, putting out fires, and generating an increasing volume of incidents. The point is that until now companies have focused on the IT department without worrying about everything that happened around them.

At this point Nexthink helps, a solution that collects objective data and combines it with continuous user metrics to provide a complete overview of the management of the experience of workers in all aspects of the business. It is an information collector on how the IT department works, from problems of use and security to what type of program is being used and which is not.

Nexthink’s objective is to help Digital Transformation from proactivity. Why? Because they believe in the power of technology to improve people's lives and help them reach their full potential. And using it as a means to achieve a purpose, not as a purpose in itself. It also aims to make the work very inclusive for users. With Nexthink, 10% of tickets issued due to incidents are reduced and the loss of 31 days per year in productivity per ticket is avoided.

The main goal is improve and give courage, break the silence and put on the bandage before the wound appears. It is essential on the road to Digital Transformation that processes are automated, the efficiency of each of the steps taken and the costs are reduced, but it is also key that employees have a good experience of the proposed solutions. As a responsible member of IT department, you have to listen to the workers to adapt these solutions better to your routine. Focus more on people and less on processes, since they are more productive if they have a better working environment. Companies that have satisfied and happy employees see their customer satisfaction grow by 81%, according to CMSWire.

Proactivity helps to provide better alignment of the strategy with the business needs to ensure that all investment in Digital Transformation is transferred to the company. The worker cannot worry about technology. Quite the opposite. Technology has to be there to be your smartest partner. And here is where Nexthink re-enters, a platform that sends the solution to employees before the incident appears. It detects a fire and send users who may be affected by the flames, a silent brigade that puts out the fire without attracting attention. Uncover the tip of the iceberg to reduce, even eliminate all kinds of problems. Be one more member of the company that will be present in the future challenges to optimize each of the departments with the user's digital experience in the centre.

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