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Posted by SilverStorm on May 11, 2020 8:15:00 AM


Data is the most important asset of an organisation, not only at the operational level, but also when it comes to creating market value and transforming it into information that is critical to the business. Without rules, it doesn’t work; it gets lost in limbo. And even more so when it is inside a powerful platform that evolves very quickly, such as ServiceNow.

This tool grows at the speed of light. In fact, it offers two versions a year and continuous processes to provide innovative services to large companies with complex needs. Their objective is to ensure that they do not miss the Digital Transformation train, while increasing their efficiency and productivity as well as saving costs and increasing their business benefits.

In this sense, a Forrester study indicates that companies that are unable to compete and survive in changing markets face a series of challenges related to internal management. One of them is the lack of a governance framework. Why? It is the master key around which processes, policies, applications, people, skills, competencies and more all turn... In short, everything that is behind an organisation.

What is needed is a control tower that pilots every move to extract maximum value from ServiceNow. There must be an esteemed partner at the command of this lighthouse. SilverStorm is accompanied by its Application Governance Framework service, available to all clients who want to be guided by experts with 17 years of experience in Digital Transformation projects in more than 30 countries.

With this service, they help organisations to take advantage of every penny that they have invested in the platform. The problem is that companies often take the step alone and have neither the knowledge nor the capability to exploit everything that this tool can do for them.

Governance destacado (ENG)

The methodology offered is based on five pillars:

  1. Platform strategy management. The idea is to build a centre of excellence which will channel all actions. At this point, you must have a vision for the direction of the business, not only that of the IT department, since the governance framework goes far beyond technology; it connects with the business plans of the company.
  2. Compliance management. Know if your business complies with technological safety regulations. Sometimes use is being made that does not correspond to the package purchased.
  3. Demand management. Understand improvement requests and requirements. Standardise the entire process to analyse demand, make decisions and guide innovation based on business objectives.
  4. Delivery management. Avoid conflicts between different suppliers and ensure that all production deliveries arrive in a timely manner, that deployments are automated, that processes are more agile, and more. The point is that, quite often, companies look for more allies to move faster, but the situation is complicated by facing different procedures, which results in delays. For this reason, it is key to maintain a code of good practices and ensure that all partners are rowing in the same direction. Quality cannot be overlooked at any time.
  5. Architecture management. It is the heart of the process. It is essential to have a complete vision of the ServiceNow platform and solutions such as ITSM, ITBM, Human Resources  and more, so that each one is structured with highly specific knowledge and the goal of not deviating from the course of action proposed by the tool.

The best path is the one that is travelled with experience and with professionals who help you to shape your projects in a concrete and tangible way. In addition, it is essential that the organisation announce every step of progress because this way all of the employees will feel that they are part of the process. At this point, SilverStorm understands very clearly that no transformation can be done without change management. Workers are an asset that will help you to fulfil all of your initiatives. Surround yourself with the best both internally and externally.

You want to know more about this service? Sign up for our webinar next 13th May at 12h (CEST)

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