Are your company's developments healthy?

Posted by SilverStorm on Jul 3, 2020 10:42:03 AM


It's the Digital Transformation stethoscope. Through it we can control the health of developments. How? It exchanges the measurement of voltage, temperature and pulse and uses good practices that contribute to the implementations being as correct as possible to put an end to maintenance problems, excessive customization, technical debt...

HealthChecker is able to take full advantage of ServiceNow developments, ensuring best practice compliance, providing solutions and generating quality reports in real time. And it does so with agility and simplicity. Its goal is to keep stakeholders always informed about the well-being of their production instance to improve user experience, reduce time on upgrade projects, facilitate platform administration, speed up learning for administrators and developers, detecting the most common errors and minimising security and performance risks.

03.07 ENG Destacado HealthChecker

Its way of monitoring is to centralise in a single module all the management and best practices, a tool that connects with modern times to increase productivity, improve visibility and reduce costs. Added to this are the following benefits:

  • Ensure the updateability of instances to make them usable, scalable and secure
  • Automate the laborious manual review process, saving time and costs for both the company and those who perform these tasks
  • Enable quick checks that increase the agility and efficiency of problem solving and failure prevention
  • Centralise in a single panel all the developments, to be able to apply measures or corrective plans depending on failures detected
  • Simplify the process for more effective analysis

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