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Posted by SilverStorm on May 28, 2020 8:00:00 AM


Does your company have processes with too many steps? Do employees not know how to, or are they too lazy to, carry out certain tasks to the very end? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, read on. In this information you will find the keys to improving the digital adoption of your workers, while increasing their productivity and efficiency.

Sometimes you make a very large investment in technology, but the result is not what you had anticipated. You don't get the estimated profitability because users don't use the tools that the company has introduced to their service to improve their day-to-day life. For this reason, it is essential to take a step forward. Move forward on a path that gathers as much information as possible about any problems that are encountered: where employees get stuck, what their needs are... and put it right.

Ideally, this would involve a transparent layer being installed on workers' computers and, in the background, interacting with them in a non-intrusive way to help them keep up with business applications. Can you imagine? Many of your headaches would be erased in one fell swoop. Well, you're in luck. It exists, and it's called WalkMe. A tool that helps across the board, while providing full visibility of digital adoption.

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For an implementation adapted to your needs, a partner is needed who is capable of, in addition to accompanying the client, advising them so that all their actions are aligned with an innovative and cutting-edge Digital Transformation. SilverStorm brings together those two different characteristics. It has enough experience for companies that decide to jump on the digital bandwagon to do so without friction and with the most powerful solutions on the market.

The international consultancy guarantees, hand in hand with WalkMe, a complete adoption of the technology done at the speed of light, which results in faster benefits coming from the rest of the platforms. That is to say, if a worker learns to manage a new invoicing program, they will be able to extract the maximum benefit of all its functionalities. At this point, it is also key to have present an organisational change management piloted by professionals.

Other added values it provides are:

  • Employees are more efficient and productive
  • Executives have better visibility of digital use
  • Organisations maximise the total value of digital assets and successfully guide their business through Digital Transformation
  • Improves employee experience and, therefore, the retention of talent
  • It is possible to know the reasons why a certain technology has failed
  • Eliminates time spent repairing user errors
  • Tracks and analyses system usage through machine learning
  • Identifies obstacles to improving employee workflow
  • Drives the adoption and full utilisation of software capabilities
  • Increases employee engagement in new and existing systems

The user experience is a cornerstone for SilverStorm. This is why it helps to make the technology functional, easy and simple for the users on the other side of the screen. And now this constructive accompaniment is even more essential, since they do not have that co-worker they always go to in order to find out what the next step is, so that, for example, the program used for signing on collects the summer holidays properly.

The main concern of international consulting is that all investments related to Digital Transformation are profitable.


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