Digitalisation as an ally to accelerate your growth in a hostile environment

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Three out of ten companies do not have a Digital Transformation programme, according to a recent report by an international consulting firm. Their steps are imprecise, and the problems go hand in hand. For example, an information leak occurs and the team responsible looks for a patch to quickly solve the problem. A decision that wastes a lot of time, but also a lot of money in the productivity and fines.

For more than 80% of organisations, managing a large volume of data is still a challenge. Paralysis is taking hold of them; they are aware that there is a problem of disconnection, of silos..., although they are not advancing along this path that is essential for business. Digitalisation is no longer an option, it is an obligation to be able to take advantage of all the capacities and enter with competitiveness and growth in the co-driver's seat in a market full of uncertainty.

But ask yourself: Is paralysis part of your daily life? Are you aware of the burdens your company bears? We sometimes look for ways to cut costs, without looking at how investments in technology can help us accelerate our growth in a hostile environment. However, we don't look any further and internal and external obstacles, such as security risks and regulatory compliance, block our agendas and prevent us from continuing along the planned roadmap.

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The key is to analyse the company as a whole, a single, interconnected system of knowledge flows that complement each other to open up new opportunities and obtain maximum potential. However, before making a decision, it is essential to study the situation. Why? The intention is there, but very few take the plunge, at least according to statistics, which show that, although digitalisation is taking centre stage, only 15% of CEOs are willing to embark on this adventure.

This panorama can be explained by two points: On the one hand, fear of change. Companies find it difficult to leave their comfort zone, to adapt and to add to the uncertainty. However, this reticence comes from people. This is why it is essential to invest in organisational change management programmes. With them you can generate a shared vision, increase the capacities of your team members and establish allied strategies. On the other hand, we find a lack of internal competencies. On this latter point, it is important to stress that you must always be prepared for what may happen. This lack of skill can translate into economic, cultural and organisational difficulties that affect your day-to-day work.

Many duties lie ahead. Staying at square one is not an option, but neither can you start the journey without having clear ideas. It is estimated that only 30% of companies that start the Digital Transformation are successful within the established time frame and with their proposed objectives achieved.

In addition, only 18% of the responsibility can be attributed to failed implementations.

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The McKinsey consultancy firm considers that this path must be followed without losing sight of leadership, the development of skills and competencies in the team, empowerment of workers, updating and communication tools. Partners with the same common denominator: the human factor, which is fundamental in all Digital Transformation processes.

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