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Posted by SilverStorm on Sep 4, 2020 8:30:00 AM

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Hybrid work has become the imperative of the new normality. For this reason, companies need to find new ways to maintain and develop employee engagement. How? By reinventing the way they work. The pandemic is leaving behind a scenario dominated by informal conversations in a virtual format and home offices, but also by colleagues coming to the organisation's premises to perform their tasks.

Together they are entering a different era where employees have flexibility and companies move forward using motivated and productive teams. It is clear that in order to grow it is essential to master the situation. The question is not to work longer hours, but to be more efficient. According to a survey conducted by The Economist, GDP increases as people work fewer hours.

The ideal is to have a schedule that allows employees to reconcile their personal life with their work life, to carry out the functions of their job and to enjoy open two-way communication in their day-to-day life, so that they feel free to be able to talk about any changes. To address this situation, the first step is to provide employees with the tools they need. If processes are tedious and slow, frustration will result, and thus disconnection and dissatisfaction.

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Now, if your company is one of those that have invested in technology, you will know that Digital Transformation is a path. So you'll want to keep climbing the ladder and find out, for example, what your employees feel when they use the tools you've implemented, where they get stuck, what they spend most of their time on? In short, what they do and what problems they encounter.

These are key answers, because, as an American consulting firm points out, committed employees are like committed clients, they share their happiness and enthusiasm on social networks with other professionals. With Nexthink it is possible to discover what your employees do and to get to know how they feel when facing their day to day work.

Now, what does it do to help you?

  • It offers access to objective and subjective metrics that allow business continuity, increasing productivity and reducing costs


  • It helps you know that device problems are usually the main reason that negatively impacts employees' experience with IT


  • It provides visibility and context to your workers' digital experiences


  • It aligns business strategy with all departments thanks to relevant data obtained in real time


  • It discovers through contextualised information how hybrid working is affecting experience, engagement and productivity


  • It helps promote continuous improvement with the goal of identifying and solving problems, even anticipating them, quickly and easily


  • You get immediate feedback on business opportunities and best practices in employee experience


SilverStorm along with Nexthink helps you measure, manage and act on the digital experience of your employees, key drivers of the Digital Transformation.

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