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Posted by SilverStorm on Sep 3, 2020 8:30:00 AM

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The most important piece of your company is not the technology, it is your workers. The “new normal” is going to lead to certain scenarios where they will be at the forefront of decision making due to the hybrid environment that may exist in your business. Some employees are already installed in the office, others are still teleworking, and yet another a part is combining both situations. Overcoming the challenges in terms of Human Resources management, communication, and monitoring is essential in the business field if you want to successfully take on this new reality.

The onboarding and offboarding processes were not exempt from certain difficulties in what was known as our reality just over 4 months ago. However, the different situations of workers these days means that Human Resources departments must redouble their efforts. What used to be a manual task must now become a telematic process with milestones to achieve. If not, the impact will result in failed, slow, and incomplete onboarding processes that will demotivate your new employee. As a consequence, low productivity will emerge and the incorrect assignment of positions to incoming talent can lead to the work not going ahead as planned or not being completed. It must not be forgotten that business casualties also occur and that these can have legal consequences or increase costs if they are not handled in an orderly manner. In addition, companies run the risk of not recovering their resources, unexpected costs, and the loss of speed, knowledge, security, and essential data.

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And what would companies be today without remote communication? In the old normality the channels were varied and not even entirely unified. Now the most effective way, and the one that everyone should look to, is the virtual one. Imagine, for example, that after the de-escalation, there is an outbreak which causes some of your employees to go back to teleworking while others stay at the office, or say there are several offices scattered around different regions with different mobility policies. Will you be able to ensure that communication is effective and unified, leaving behind inefficient channels such as email or WhatsApp? It is not a trivial question. The confusion generated, the drop in productivity, the decrease in engagement among the workforce, and the increase in feelings of isolation are also factors that must be taken into account and that, without a doubt, negatively influence the future of business if they are not controlled. The consequences of not channelling the information correctly can have an impact on not only technical issues such as the VPN connection while working from home or improving the Wi-Fi signal, but also on issues related to the communication of news about the coronavirus among the staff. The latter scenario leads in turn to incorrect decision-making, being less competitive, loss of talent, and great pressure on those responsible for the affected services.

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Finally, visibility and monitoring complete this master pillar, which is that of the employees. Quite often, businesses are not able to get real-time, valid, consolidated data on the challenges that workers are facing, let alone their level of engagement. You are left with a blank page that implies you are unable to “paint the picture” of the current situation. Proactivity and preventive activities against possible problems do not exist and are supplemented by the use of more resources when things start to go wrong. The result: business opportunities disappear, competitiveness is reduced, and the brain drain begins. Does this look familiar to you? It is precisely this last point, that of the brain drain, which has a very negative impact and whose roots extend due to underdeveloped IT services that generate a lack of motivation caused by low commitment. This cannot be measured if the necessary tools do not exist, nor can objective metrics be created that reflect whether the job is being done well or not.

With over 17 years of experience, SilverStorm forges its way to help companies in this “new normal”. Hand in hand with Nexthink and ServiceNow, with their HR Service Delivery and Integration Hub modules, the capabilities of your business are maximised to face new challenges and obstacles of which your employees are at the forefront.

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