Are your employees prepared for the new normal?

Posted by SilverStorm on Sep 8, 2020 8:50:00 AM

Are your employees prepared for the new normal?

The emergence of Covid-19 is leading to greater digitisation in many companies. Employees have changed their profile and organisations have prioritised access to give business continuity. Now the question arises as to whether they are on the right track or if they need to rethink some issues in order to handle challenges such as decreased productivity, an exponential increase in attacks, and the growing complexity of the ecosystem. This is a path that must be supplemented by internal applications, technologies, and equipment for workers to guarantee the protection of information and increase their satisfaction by having the necessary tools to perform their tasks.

In addition, new standards of competitiveness appear, and they do so in an unstable environment. For this reason, companies must innovate continuously and agilely, while maintaining efficiency in operations. When the roadmap leads you through the Digital Transformation, redesigning the experience of your employees is essential. The first point, according to a survey by an American consultancy carried out on June 15, is that 60% of CFOs seek to generate income by updating products and services.

Are your employees prepared for the new normal?

This is a particularly important step that can’t be taken if it is not accompanied by the necessary instruments, since innovation does not come out of nowhere. It is essential to create the internal conditions for it to happen, and that means redesigning the worker experience in order to grow from a place of creativity and leave failure aside. It is clear that a good employee experience leads to a good customer experience.

The first step in this scenario presented by the pandemic is to attend to all employees, regardless of where they carry out their activities. It is key to rethink processes, physical configurations, and security measures. For remote workers, it will be necessary to reinvent the virtual workplace with a double objective: to guarantee the conditions they need to work from home in harmony and to provide them with all the tools and support they require to be able to develop their long-term functions, both operational and in terms of communication with the rest of their colleagues.

Many organisations are already handling this issue. In fact, seven out of 10 business leaders are confident in their ability to provide a secure environment. Now, aside from the technical part, it is essential to know how your employees feel. Listening to their needs and concerns, which helps them feel secure as well as loyal, fosters productive work and positive results for the business. Therefore, you must recognise which measures are more efficient and make sure that your team is present and engaged. The workers will do the rest.

Are your employees prepared for the new normal?

Nexthink allows you to keep tabs on everything your employees feel regarding their work routine and ensure that no objective nor subjective metric goes unchecked. Nexthink optimises the use of technology in a sustainable and efficient way, combining the employee experience, an essential component for a company that wants to be at the forefront, with all the potential that is key to adopt for the future. It is an ally that offers an automated, proactive, and data-based experience with which to achieve a radical change in the times of the new normal, where uncertainty is present at every step.

Yet another solution is ServiceNow, a platform that offers employees the user experience they deserve, as you eliminate frustration and improve satisfaction. The finishing touch is the Integration Hub, which simplifies integrations, boosts speed, and connects workflows to the applications you need.

Are your employees prepared for the new normal?

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