The home network, the hackers’ springboard to access corporate networks

Posted by SilverStorm on Oct 16, 2020 8:30:00 AM

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Digitisation the formula for survival for organisations. The concept of speed is not at odds with efficiency, but sometimes it is with safety. A business needs to invest in survival while thinking of how to overcome current and future challenges, however, other essential issues must be considered to drive growth and ensure business continuity. Reacting to sudden changes is crucial, as is moving into the new normal without suffering a cyberattack due to security breaches that could have been prevented.

A high-speed Digital Transformation requires a scalable IT infrastructure. Why? There is evidence that employees do not always follow official channels to access confidential data. A survey conducted during lockdown revealed that four out of ten workers use personal devices to access business information, often through cloud-hosted applications and services.

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This alternative opens the door to hackers, as mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers can be exposed to vulnerable applications and devices on the home network. In fact, more than 36% of the participants in the aforementioned survey admitted that they did not have basic password protection in this type of tool.

The lack of awareness puts the company at risk. For this reason, it is essential to have profiles with training in cybersecurity that increase awareness among all employees so that they can mitigate any threat. The current situation is complicated, and even more so because many people are working remotely.

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Additionally, more than half of employees worldwide have IoT devices connected to the home network, a significant number with unpatched vulnerabilities and insecure logins. This is the perfect springboard for hackers to access the corporate networks to which they are connected.

Added to this is the fact that some employees are working from home some days, and spending others in the office. This is yet another problem in terms of security. Why? There is an additional threat to the business, because if a person infects their computer at home, they can bring the virus to the office via insecure personal devices. While it is true that computers are better protected than personal devices, the risk is still there, especially if users can install unapproved applications on these devices to access them at home.

In this new era, everything has changed. Although you already had a planned roadmap, it too needs to change to suit the circumstances. One of the most important points is security, because if a breach occurs your business can fall into a domino effect of problems in a matter of hours. Data is power and cybercriminals know it very well.

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