How to manage change without losing sight of your people

Posted by Rebeca Sánchez on Nov 22, 2019 8:55:00 AM


Innovation is constant as companies move in an environment that evolves very fast. To survive it is essential to bet on the management of organizational change. But what does it mean a proposal  is integrated in the Digital Transformation? A sustainable process, aligned with the business strategy, which bets on people with the main objective of leading the organization to success. Organizational change takes advantage of the novelties of the digital environment to create a flexible structure that is capable of reacting to changes on time and from knowledge.

To travel the path in the best possible way, the first step is to detect the need, that is, that there is a widespread belief that it is necessary to flee from authoritarian policies and opt for organized changes, where motivation, communication and training of the employee are the basic pillars.

Change management is based on a common vision that drives and maintains the motivation of the workforce through personal development plans, mentoring programs, emotional intelligence and recognition of daily work. On this last point it is essential that workers feel that their ideas are well received, since they will lose their fear of being wrong. A good communication strategy is also important so that nobody feels lost with the new situation.

The first step to walk in this direction is to detect the need, that is, to break the balance to transform the work environment into a more productive one. For this reason, when an organization considers a change, it must have the power to adapt to the modifications that it may suffer from the dynamic environment that surrounds it, through collective learning and be involved in a set of tasks that they cover technical and human aspects because, without treating the human part, the process of acceptance and adoption of change is much more difficult.

An organizational change is the most efficient way to work with an eye on the future, since the transformation is composed, among other things, of the human element and positively changes the behavior of people, which adds value to the company so you can compete at the level of your best. And it is that Digital Transformation has associated problems that concern, and most, companies that undergo a change because they affect people. Assessing their feelings is a challenge for organizations.

To know that information, there are two paths. On the one hand, companies that opt ​​for authoritarian change policies, where employees must adapt to changes by decision of the management committee. Then on the other hand, entities that choose organized changes, where community, motivation and employee training are the pillars for the success.

Of course, before starting you have to lay the foundations and be clear about the road to reach them in the best possible way, knowing that for this process you have to reduce resistance. And it is very common to meet people who believe that changes and the presence of technology will reduce their opportunities and the position in which they are in or to which they aspire to be.

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