Find out why it’s so important for your company to be resilient to unexpected situations

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Organisations generally have a traditional roadmap that focuses on continuity of processes and resources, but they overlook the business model. However, this omission can be a threat to the continuity of operations, especially if external events such as the Covid-19 pandemic are not taken into account. Hence the importance of reinforcing current business models with digital technologies and capabilities that ensure business continuity 

In this way, companies can address the challenges of this unprecedented era, where the speed and scale of Digital Transformation are accelerating. In fact, the international consulting firm Gartner is clear that the path must be walked with an X-ray with which to identify and evaluate the risks of potential interruptions, keeping in mind the objectives of the company, in addition to marking integration actions and priorities for strategic planning of the deployment of technological solutions and services.   

Understanding how to formulate a business continuity plan is essential to driving growth. Of course, each step must be executed with agility since priorities may change. So the most important thing is to build the path to recovery, regardless of where you are on the journey; that is, respond to the most urgent requests and make solid decisions with an eye on survival, but also identify the necessary capacities to strengthen the promotion process and adapt and align the strategic and operational plans and models to meet the reinvented goals. 

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Along these lines, Forrester experts comment that communication is key. Therefore, it recommends showing empathy and gratitude, and sharing information with employees so that they feel secure. The uncertainty concerning coronavirus both economically and in terms of health generates anxiety in more than half of workers. It is true that during confinement a culture of remote work was created, however, now it is necessary to take advantage of what has been learned and apply it to a hybrid model with workers in the offices as well as at home. In this way, you can make effective decisions and go much further 

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Employees should not be forced to improvise; there are technologies that make it possible to create safe and efficient environments from within the company itself. The workspace revolution involves incorporating solutions for this new normal. In addition, a broad ecosystem must be designed that allows workers to collaborate on a greater number of priorities. This will improve the level of engagement, thus obtaining better business results 

Discover what your employees feel every time they face their day to day work. It is essential to not only focus on the technology, but on the feelings. All the extracted information can make your business grow. Remember that leadership and communication are two key areas that help build resilience in difficult times. It is not an issue to leave aside, since the lack of motivation by your team can lead to losses of 25 million dollars annually, according to Nexthink. Therefore, listening to their needs and concerns is essential, as it helps them feel secure and loyal, and fosters productive work and business results. 

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