When lack of visibility and agility is holding back your business

Posted by SilverStorm on Aug 20, 2020 8:30:00 AM


Before the coronavirus made its visit to the planet, remote working was limited. In fact, some companies were reluctant to massively incorporate this practice. However, it will be one of the examples of the lasting impact that the pandemic will have on companies. They have discovered it out of necessity and in the process have experienced its advantages first-hand.  

Experts also support this trend. Gartner estimates that 74% of financial managers in organisations plan to move a percentage of their employees who now perform their duties from the office to remote working positions. However, the traditional formula will also be maintained in the new normality.  

This hybrid model forces the teams, but above all the managers, to face their day to day work in a different way. A complete change in corporate culture that must be accompanied by solutions adapted to needs. Why? A study by an American multinational software company reveals that for 40% of workers the main problem during these weeks has been not having the right technology. Therefore, it is key to incorporate the necessary services to respond to the challenges of this new approach. 


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Innovation processes are necessary in order to move forward. Companies walk the path of Digital Transformation by working together, that is each person contributes what he or she knows and the responsibility to decide is left in the hands of the one who has the knowledge to take the step or the one who dares. The mistake is to immerse oneself in a mountain of analysis, as this can lead to paralysis. Measure the productivity, results and contribution of each and every one of your teams. It is your best trump card to go a long way 

In this regard, many questions arise because of the dichotomy left in business by the pandemic. There are employees in their homes and others at the office. So, ask yourself: Are you able to bring more agility to the business with the solutions you have implemented? Can you measure the digital experience? Do you have the latest tools to automate and remedy the problems that arise in the day-to-day life of your employees? Do you have the greatest visibility and control over operations? Do your workers have home infrastructure limitations? Are extra costs from increased downtime jeopardising your future projects? 

It's time to act! Paralysis can't put an end to what you've worked so hard to achieve, very strong foundations on which a dream has been built, must be rethought because of the impact of Covid-19 on the world. It is essential to draw this new roadmap, which adds the changes that the pandemic is leaving behind, with an ally, a partner who will contribute their knowledge and experience to make your business more agile and productive.  

SilverStorm offers Build Agile Business Operations to those companies that want to take a quantum leap in the path of Digital Transformation, a service that keeps progress and goal-setting on track without disconnection or incidents. It is a top layer for efficiently planning and automating tasks without forgetting, of course, the user’s digital experience. 

How will this international consultancy firm help you? 

  • In measuring the productivity of your employees 
  • Increasing control over the workplace and teams 
  • Automating workflows 
  • Bringing more agility to the business with team, capacity and planning management solutions with Kanban views, in order to match business priorities  
  • Connecting all areas of the organisation and eliminating silos 
  • Monitoring the performance of the platform and acting on the critical points so that any impact is as small as possible 

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