Leave the manual processes of your business behind and bet on automation

Posted by SilverStorm on Oct 5, 2020 8:30:00 AM

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Now is the best time for organisations to reinvent themselves and present their services and solutions as workflows that connect their customers, employees, and suppliers. It’s time to leave manual processes behind and bet on automation. The biggest disruption ever raised in the business world is here. Are you ready? If the answer is yes, keep reading. The fact of the matter is that levels of uncertainty will only increase the anxiety experienced by workers. We do not yet know what has only disappeared for now and what has been erased forever. The new normal has been imposed and with it we see a significant number of changes on the path of Digital Transformation.

Can technology help you? Its evolution in recent years has allowed new businesses to be built based on Internet services, with cloud architecture capable of processing huge amounts of information, etc. However, not all companies are starting from the same point. Each one has its particularities, however, all those who want to innovate should follow the same path: redesign processes to boost growth, improve employee productivity, and guarantee business continuity.

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For these reasons, it is essential to find an experienced and knowledgeable partner to make the change-adoption journey 100% successful, using agile methodology. It is clear that in the future what a company is going to need is flexibility, scalability, and the ability to adapt to any circumstance. The problem is that stepping on the accelerator is not so easy without changing things further. According to a McKinsey survey, leaders report that organisational silos, unclear strategy, and slow decision-making often interfere with increasing the pace of work.

Of course, we see three opportunities to overcome these challenges:

  • Build decision-making mechanisms that are more agile
  • Improve communication and internal collaboration
  • Increase the use of technology

It is true that quite a few changes are being made out of necessity, and many of those modifications will last forever. In this vein, 55% of the leaders surveyed anticipate that the hybrid model will continue after the pandemic. Expectations vary by industry, from 69% predicting this level of remote work in technology, telecommunications, and media to a prediction of up to 43% for advanced industries, including manufacturing, customer service, and sales, which often require staff in offices, stores, plants, and other company facilities.

Speed is paramount. The problem is that quite a few companies realise this when the uncertainty has already arisen. That’s why leaders of the fastest organisations outperform the slowest, resulting in profitability, operational resilience, organisational health, and growth.

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The pandemic has also highlighted the urgent need for four interrelated leadership qualities: vulnerability, empathy, conscientiousness, and companionship. McKinsey experts have long recognised the power of these features, and forward-thinking organisations are incorporating them into their training and learning curricula; you can start to cultivate them in a balanced way by first understanding your employees’ feelings, their own sources of pain and loss, and then turn it outward to help and support others: your customers and suppliers. All of this can be achieved with an ecosystem connected through workflows and a single platform.

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