Do you know why productivity drops in your company?

Posted by SilverStorm on Sep 10, 2020 8:30:00 AM

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With digitisation as a model, uncertainty as a path, learning as you go, and flexibility as a pattern, many companies are leaving their comfort zones, which they must do to continue moving towards the objectives sought. In recent months, organisations have stepped on the digital accelerator, and at a faster pace than even the most optimistic predictions. However, it is key to continue going down this path that will undoubtedly help to promote resilience.

At the beginning of the pandemic, companies did a solid job addressing basic needs for protection, security, and connectivity; the problem is that over time the challenges have grown larger and require a more sophisticated approach. Added to the immediate concerns is long-term profitability that requires the commitment of all employees.

For this reason, organisations must address the situation of each worker. You need an effective segmentation based on objective and subjective data that helps you know what you need to move forward at all times. Thus, you will be able to know what challenges your employees face on a daily basis and identify the best ways to support them where they experience the most difficulties. This provides you with a personalised approach to nurturing culture and enabling change in the new normality.


It is important to involve teams in a continuous, real-time, two-way dialogue that takes into account their specific needs, allows them to configure their own way in the company, and provides them with a forum to share best practices and solutions to similar problems. In fact, a better user experience is proving to be a major technological disruptor.

Clearly, employee satisfaction pays off in productivity. According to a recent study, happy workers are 88% more productive than those with a negative attitude. Job satisfaction is directly proportional to the worker’s commitment to the company, motivation, and productivity.

How can you discover what your employees are doing and what keeps them from moving forward with their tasks? Nexthink allows you to easily go from analysis to action by applying efficient combinations with detailed information on specific incidents. It helps you identify the problem, the root cause, who it affects, and how to solve it.


Plus, it uniquely quantifies the complete digital experience of your employees. It helps to proactively view, manage, and improve the digital work experience. It also collects technical data to efficiently combine it with your employees’ feelings to uncover unreported issues and measure overall experience. Nexthink also makes it easy to quickly convey messages to large groups and guide employees to solve problems on their own. And it guides you to see what issues to focus on, study their origin, and correct them quickly and efficiently.

Added to this information-gathering solution is ServiceNow, which helps you eliminate frustration and improve employee satisfaction with smart and efficient services. Together they form a perfect tandem to help companies to evolve on the path of Digital Transformation.

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