How to meet the expectations of the cloud and change management?

Posted by SilverStorm on Sep 17, 2020 8:30:00 AM

What have I done wrong? You ask yourself over and over. Ive done my best, but nothing is going according to plan. I have allocated a fantastic budget to the cloud, but I cant make it a reality. I dont get it. I am surrounded by the best and, on top of it, they have the most innovative means at their disposal. So, what button do I have to press to turn this thing on? 

There is no magic button. You are thinking with the numbers as the protagonist and with people as the antagonist. Flip the script. Your goal should not be to adopt these changes as the only way to survive. According to analysts at the consulting firm Ovum, organisations that have started their digital journey often do not have enough understanding to transform their business model 

These businesses as a result walk aimlessly. They inflate their expectations on paper, but when it comes to putting them into practice and making the investment profitable, aversion appears. Not only does it enter and leave the scene without making a sound, it causes the dominoes to fall one after the other 

The rejection of change is the main factor in the failure of Digital Transformation processes. It is true that it is more common for the wick to wear sooner in companies that have become stagnant in the past, however, even the most advanced ones can fall in a short span of time if they do not act as soon as possible. 

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Walls are not demolished with technology alone but with the democratisation of information. Employees want to know how and why processes are no longer carried out on a physical infrastructure. Feedback will be added to the training, a feedback that seeks to understand their feelings and at the same time analyses their needs in order to resolve them 

To these two elements it is essential another idea be added. The cloud eliminates the human factor. The questions of many workers are going to be: Will they fire me? Am I no longer needed? What will happen to me? It is important that organisational change management re-enter the scene at this point. For what? Technology has eliminated repetitive tasks that do not add any value to the business, now the people who are in charge of them are going to take a qualitative leap to carry out more profound actions by which, in addition, they are going to feel more fulfilled.

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Converting workers is not an easy task. It requires technical knowledge coupled with good practices. Who brings a unique method based on experience? SilverStormThe international consulting firm has the necessary tools to create a common thread that marks the difference between a successful plan and a failed one. In this process, it works by and for the people without losing sight of the goal of transformation and making each member of the organisation feel comfortable and want to adopt the business culture as their own 

Break silos so that learning is collective — our main ally is communication, a vehicle that focuses on human resources to solve problems while driving Digital Transformation to the top 

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