Have you thought about your New Year Resolutions?

Posted by SilverStorm on Jan 21, 2020 9:45:27 AM


The beginning of the year is always a period to let the imagination fly and dream of achieving everything we have always had in mind, but we have never achieved. Spending more time with family and friends, leading a healthier life or traveling are some examples of the most frequent New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, these wishes, too many times, are stored in a drawer. The intention is good, however, there is not a clear road map, nothing advances and paralysis becomes the most inopportune guest.

The same happens at the business level. At the beginning of the year, companies must consider challenges, objectives to respond to the needs that arise in a changing environment. Renew or die. Those teams, that are not able to change phase, could be eliminated from their own context.

For this reason, business resolutions must be the milestone for every company. And, even more so, they have to focus on Digital Transformation. Vanguard, innovation and disruptive technology are our best travel companions. We must have clear and realistic goals, while we look for ways to get out of the comfort zone.

It is no longer enough to implement the most advanced and sophisticated technologies because, sometimes, the technological changes are so imperceptible. So, it is difficult to know if, in fact, we are going the right way. Efficiency must be our ally, but also the talent. Human intelligence is our best value in a process like Digital Transformation that is urgent and important.

To evolve we will have to leave behind old ways of working and accept our vulnerabilities. Thus, we will be agile in solving problems. The essence lies in a particular trio of aces: technology, people and processes. If the distractions do not allow us to understand this conjunction, we cannot face a challenge full of opportunities.

Digital Transformation improves performance, customer relationships, internal processes and value propositions. Reducing costs, understanding the objectives, focusing on people and making data, these are the keys for the success. Effectiveness and profitability are part of the transition that the team must be aligned to so the long-term success is shielded.

The axis should not only be to launch technology. Digitalisation is a process, a constant evolution that must be linked to the worker who has to feel part of the project. Therefore, it is essential to accompany him or her to understand what he or she needs to prosper and not to fail. At this point, Organisational Change Management is the key for giving rapid responses to transformations. And not only digital, but all kinds of changes that can cause friction in the team.

It is time to act. It is crucial to begin this journey of continuous improvement that we will allow to access to more sophisticated strategies. We would not be able to implement without and we have to accelerate all our departments to anticipate the future and offer customers what they really need. Do you accept the challenge?

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