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Adapting to the new normality now appears to be one of the main challenges for many companies' headquarters that are at half speed with some employees at the office but a large part of the workforce doing remote work. Overnight, the virtual has taken over areas that were thought to be exclusively for -or better understood from- physical presence 

Of all of the areas, the one where this giant leap is best appreciated is in remote working. Why? Because there was an unprecedented shift in gear. It accelerated so fast that it would have been unthinkable before this emergency situation; because it was no longer a promise of the future, but a lifeline that was needed even more the day before yesterday. Little by little, concepts such as change management and resilience took up positions so that companies could take the most agile, flexible and creative path, one that would provide continuity and rebuild the roadmap in the face of uncertainty.  

They are now advancing using a hybrid model to generate business at the lowest cost. A step forward that clashes with one of the problems that generates most vulnerabilities: the lack of real-time visibility at all stages, a key aspect to make and support critical decisions. Since Covid-19 broke into our lives, plans are continually changing, so the best ally with which to move forward on the road is digitalization, as it provides weapons to go further and be more productive.  

Why? These are times to give answers to an infinite number of questions: How do I guarantee the continuity of my business? How can I measure productivity both remotely and in the office? Which channel should be used for communications? Which are the most critical areas that I should cover as a result of the current circumstances? As well as other questions. 

Crises are full of opportunities for those with vision. It is time to redefine the continuity plans of the functions that have to be developed in the workplace, to align staff organisation to business, to put the focus on technology to get the most out of it, to develop an agile strategic communication plan, to control what infrastructure is available and how to maximise its use... In short, to become leaders in this new reality. 


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The coronavirus is giving us an opportunity to set our milometer to zero and to ask ourselves what we want to be like. Along these lines, having experts who perform a global x-ray of the business will help us move forward many positions in the race. In this particular competition, technology is here to contribute. Therefore, its absence or misuse can become the main obstacle.  

Also, productivity suffers from lack of resources. In fact, three out of 10 employees agree that they are not as productive when working from home because they lack collaboration technologies, dedicated office space, an appropriate business culture or correct processes, according to Forrester. It's also important to bring a study from a U.S. company to the table, which found that 74% of employees admit to using tools from their daily lives such as WhatsApp or Gmail to fill in the tech gaps in their professional environment.  

That’s a base to start working on. What's more, the Gartner experts are clear on this: Managers are aware that the coming months will force them to make cost efficiency decisions. They believe that developing hybrid workplans will help improve their financially ability 

It is in this scenario of preparing for your business' most important race that Build Agile Business Operations comes in, a service supported by ServiceNow and Nexthink that brings more agility to your business, even when some of your employees are working remotely, with team management and planning solutions to adapt to changing priorities at the speed of light.  


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