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Posted by SilverStorm on May 25, 2020 8:00:00 AM


The world is a perfect system governed by universal laws that control its workings. Therefore, if it rains hard and you have no umbrella, you come home soaked. This happens because there is a reason that triggers a consequence. The law of cause and effect is present in all areas of society.

In technology there are many buttons that are pressed and lead to a good or bad action. It depends. For example, an IT department receives hundreds of thousands of incidents every day. Their goal is to reduce the time spent on each solution because this reduces the number of tickets. The law of cause and effect is at work again.

Although it’s a perfect cogwheel at work, it is essential that solutions appear to accelerate the process. This is where SilverStorm comes in. The international company walks hand in hand with Nexthink, the Digital Transformation accelerator.  And it does so in the knowledge that every second an employee loses on a task slows down productivity.

The numbers speak for themselves. One incident can lead to 440 lost days. It's not a matter of luck; far from it. All companies suffer to a lesser or greater extent from technology-related problems. In fact, 90% of executives admit that employees suffer from disruptions they have no way of detecting, according to Forrester.

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This situation leads to the dissatisfaction and frustration of end users. It's important to remember that, as the Hay Group consulting firm puts it, organisations with committed workers earn 2.5 times more profit than competitors with lower levels of commitment. In addition, the analysis and consulting firm Gallup adds that maintaining a workforce committed to its work improves customer satisfaction, which thanks to this good practice exceeds 80%.

How does SilverStorm change the perspective and improve performance? It collects information from users' devices to provide them with automated actions for both their present and future problems. This step forward eliminates many IT service calls. What's more, quite often the problem is detected and corrected before the employee has identified it. In this way, proactivity goes hand in hand with studying the root causes to avoid recessive incidents.

What are the benefits of the solution proposed by the international consultancy firm?

  • It improves proactivity and efficiency
  • It increases the end-user experience
  • It reduces the workload and cost of the IT service, which can be focused on strategic company issues
  • Time-saving
  • It eliminates human interaction in repetitive incidents

Another important point is that thanks to Nexthink incidents do not escalate. It solves the issues at the first level. Doing it at that point reduces the service desk workload by 20 to 40%. In addition, 45% of problems do not escalate because they are solved quickly or even automatically.

This data is gathered through a collector that can register more than 700 events per day. This information comes from six key components: device, security, navigation, user applications, productivity and collaboration, and employee experience.

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