84% of Digital Transformation projects fall through due to failed adoption of technology

Posted by SilverStorm on May 18, 2020 8:00:00 AM

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Forbes is clear:  84% of Digital Transformation projects fail due to the failed adoption of technology - a fundamental aspect that results in the expected benefits. For this reason, Gartner warns of the need for a more innovative and sustainable approach for organisations to achieve their goals. According to Ovum analysts, only 8% of executives believe that transformation has been undergone according to the needs and demands of the market.

There are many issues that technology can help with, but employees need to know how to use it for the business to be able to move forward. For example, employees sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they receive, which makes their day-to-day life much more complicated. They waste too much time searching for that one document that will help them understand what the next step is for them to install a business application or access certain information.

Solving this problem reduces the number of reported incidents to the IT department, while providing attractive scalability. But this is not the only issue that requires an extra partner. It is also key to have that ally when it comes to creating training documentation, and even for developing a more intuitive onboarding without a single trace of frustration or any unnecessary steps. In fact, these processes are often lengthy, so the loss of hours and energy is significant.

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In fact, reducing as much as possible the time an employee needs to be operational at his or her workplace is the goal of most modern organisations. They seek to standardise processes and global training, and WalkMe, a platform that connects corporate web applications and makes it easier for users to adopt technology, comes to their rescue.

It deploys a transparent layer to guide the user in their navigation through corporate web applications, reducing the time they need to learn. As a matter of fact: a company that chose this solution reduced 70% of the technological disruptions in their first week.

How? By automating processes and helping employees to save critical situations without needing to call on the IT department. With just one click. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Want to know where it can help you?

  • It facilitates onboarding and training
  • It drives and streamlines user adoption
  • It introduces new processes and enables change management
  • It provides efficient support and reduces errors
  • It monitors and enacts tracking and personal control
  • It delivers a unified experience throughout the company
  • It reduces initial stress on digital adoption by making the user more productive and faster
  • It identifies where users have the most difficulties

Who can help you achieve your goals and improve efficiency? The international consultancy firm SilverStorm, with more than 250 Digital Transformation projects worldwide, is your ally to guiding your employees at all times, reducing the learning curve when it comes to facing a new application, and making them more productive.

It's time to take the plunge and join the many Forbes 500 companies that meet their cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing goals thanks to WalkMe.

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