What are the reasons that make employees the best ambassadors of your company?

Posted by SilverStorm on Dec 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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It is a long-distance race. Having an attractive company with ‘x-factor’ is a challenge. Being able to attract and retain the best professionals depends on the philosophy and way of working. Step by step, and from the inside, the company has to set foundations so that the workers feel part of the company and can become the best ambassadors.

A good organizational environment is based on open and proactive communication channels, that helps the  professional development and DNA of companies which are the people. Motivation is the starting engine of any path in which their opinions and feelings are of key importance. When employees are satisfied and happy they are more inclined to perform at their best and thus achieve set goals. When they understand changes better, they are able adopt quickly and become prescribers of them. In fact, that aptitude is linked to proactivity which minimizes errors.

Talent retention has become a fundamental part of business management. With that said, companies must have an effective strategy that ensures employee well-being in the workplace. Businesses need to know how to positively influence roles with enthusiasm and, thus, achieve set objectives.

Each person has different needs and expectations. Companies have to listen and put their employees in the right place to create an optimal environment. Sometimes, especially when processes related to new technologies are implemented, they feel separated. Employees opinions are not respected nor taken into account, this is a mistake because they are the ones who can provide more information about the changes the company is making. A set of unified minds achieves much more than separately.

The problem is that data shows a tendency that must be faced as soon as possible. 87% of employees worldwide do not feel committed to their company, according to the American company Gallup. Reversing this reality is a task that begins with a more sincere and transparent communication of what is happening. So all parties can be aligned with the mission and the values ​​that are pursued. According to a study by the University of Warwick, employees who are motivated and feel valued are 12% more productive.

Finding out what motivates an employee is just as important as knowing what distracts or frustrates  them, combining objective data with feelings. A simple equation that offers immediate visibility of workers experiences on technological resources and the incidents they encounter on a daily basis. Collecting this information in a rigorous and contrasted way is a complicated task. Taking time to quantify all these aspects will help to continue growing under the prism of the feedback culture, so that companies always know what their team thinks about the implementations, what they expect of them and what steps should be next. Creating a collaborative culture, but behind it there is technology to verify that the path is correct, success is assured. A tool that reaches out to improve security, have better reactivity and measure the effectiveness of digital deployment is Nexthink.

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