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Posted by SilverStorm on Dec 19, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Employees are the best voice of any company's image. If they are informed and motivated, they will be more productive in their daily lives. They will be proud to use the company’s tools and services, will speak well of the company to their friends, family and contacts which will help in attracting new talent. The solution is obvious. Communication, recognition and encouragement. Giving workers the instruments, they need and the opportunities to feel useful and to turn ideas into differentiating projects that can change the world.

The first step is to talk to the employees. Knowing their vision is vital to establishing a strategic route through which the organization and employee can align and achieve their objectives. Obviously, each initiative must be designed to have a positive impact on the business, however, the satisfaction and employee workforce cannot be ignored. It is clear that technology provides more effective ways of working, in fact, the algorithms will improve the way of working of one billion people in 2020, according to Gartner, hence, we must incorporate this into any strategic plan.

When breaking the barrier between the IT department and the employees it helps to know the impact of innovation on existing architectures, while the process approach is refined. The transformation progresses by showing the technical and performance data that cannot be seen yet a single source of worker-centred information that looks beyond objective metrics goes a long way to helping understand employee needs.

To know the digital experience of employees, companies need to create a reference point, an exit line from which they ask to find answers about the implementations that are working and those that are not. Next, it is necessary to compare results and identify areas for improvement. At this point, the deficiencies are sought to understand the reasons behind them. Later, with the opinions of the employees in the centre, a roadmap is developed where problems are solved. The incorporation of employees will inspire success. It will show that investing in quantifying their progress and frustrations will contribute to improving all levels of the organization.

More proactive approaches that pursue people's well-being. Taking time to know the commitment, satisfaction and efficiency of each of the people who are part of the company is a safe value. For this reason, managers who choose to measure the success of these advances in real time, manage to solve the problems before they occur.

A tool that reaches out to improve security, have better reactivity and measure the effectiveness of digital deployment is Nexthink. This solutions allows companies to remain at the forefront while increasing productivity and satisfaction and reducing support costs. What is the Nexthink secret? Boosting the transformation knowing how the different initiatives are working after being implemented. It changes the way in which the company interacts with employees while collecting sentiment data in a simplified, specific and contextual way, which helps to make decisions based on real experiences.

Topics: IT, Nexthink, Digital Transformation, user sentiment, Digital Employee Experience

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