Connecting Security and IT

Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Sep 8, 2017 9:41:39 AM
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Security teams today are inundated with alerts and information from a growing number of siloed point solutions. In parallel, attacks via both known and unknown vulnerabilities continuously target critical business services, IT infrastructure, and users. These incidents and vulnerabilities lack business context, making it difficult to know which ones pose the greatest threat to the organization. Furthermore, manual processes and cross-team handoffs hinder the security team’s ability to efficiently respond to attacks or assess and remediate vulnerabilities.

An even more fundamental question for security is “Are we secure, and are things getting better or worse?” While there is no simple answer, most organizations struggle to establish baseline metrics for their security posture that they can track over time. Without this understanding, they lack the ability to strengthen the infrastructure and improve their response.

The result? Detection and response times that are measured in months, and missed attacks which could lead to an eventual breach or compromise.

The ServiceNow Solution

ServiceNow® Security Operations helps organizations connect security and IT teams, respond faster and more efficiently to threats, and get a definitive view of their security posture. It connects the workflow and systems management capabilities of the ServiceNow platform with security data from leading vendors to give your teams a single platform for response that can be shared between security and IT. With better visibility, pre-defined workflows, and automated threat intelligence enrichment, teams can respond more efficiently, reducing business risk. The solution leverages the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to map threats, security incidents, and vulnerabilities to business services and IT infrastructure.

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This mapping enables threat prioritization based on business impact, ensuring your security teams are focused on what is most critical to your business. In addition, visual business service maps show the dependencies of affected systems to minimize change requests and downtime. Because Security Operations is part of the greater ServiceNow platform, this CMDB is maintained by the entire organization, not just security. The ServiceNow platform delivers additional enterprise capabilities that teams can leverage right away, such as built-in service level agreement (SLA) thresholds, skills based routing, notifications, advanced workflows, and live collaboration. The platform also isolates security events from the rest of the system, ensuring that sensitive security data remains confidential.


Connect Security and IT

Coordinate response across teams for smoother task handoffs between groups and quicker resolution. Get accountability across the organization and know work is getting done with SLAs.

Drive Faster, More Efficient Security Response

Reduce the amount of time spent on basic tasks with orchestration tools. Automatically add threat intelligence to security incidents to speed up remediation and integrate a response platform with your existing security portfolio.

Know Your Security Posture

View your current security status with customizable dashboards and reports backed by quantitative data. Improve processes and team performance through metrics and post-incident reviews.

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