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Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Nov 10, 2017 1:46:20 PM
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When something goes wrong, the goal of incident management is to restore service to normal as quickly as possible while minimizing impact to the business and maintaining quality.  On the other hand, problem management is all about identifying, documenting, and remediating root causes and known errors. It is practiced both reactively in response to an incident and proactively when looking for risks that could have an adverse impact on the business.

ServiceNow provides the flexibility, power, and extendibility to achieve the goals of incident and problem management  in a single solution. End-users are free to choose their most comfortable support interface. Technicians have all the information they need at their fingertips to diagnose and repair issues rapidly. Management has access to extensive metrics and survey feedback to gauge performance and make any necessary adjustments. Administrators can configure the system to meet any unique business need without jeopardizing future upgrades. Documented integrations with nearly 100 third party products, including event and endpoint management, ensure youʼll be equipped to handle anything.

ServiceNow offers many ways to get help including forms, questionnaires, chat, email, and a knowledge base. Live feed encourages community support with a social wall to share information and find answers. And you deliver all this in a consumer friendly selfservice portal that matches your corporate image using the ServiceNow Content Management System. Web services and email actions handle events from a variety of monitoring tools and external sources.

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When something goes wrong, the pressure is on to assess the impact and get the right team engaged. You can speed up this process by classifying records using a configuration item. This makes it possible to view all information about the service and related technology directly from the CMDB. It also helps get records automatically assigned to the right team. Finally, impact and urgency set priority to determine which SLA to associate with the incident.

Follow the map to locate root cause & risks

The beauty of having a single service management platform is the ability to maintain relationships between business services and technology in one place.  An interactive map showing application dependencies, alerts, and task history is accessible in one click from many forms.  This reduces the time to trace failures to a root cause.  It can also proactively identify risks for problem management to investigate and change management to remediate.

Quickly search for solutions and share updates

ServiceNow Global Search uses natural phrases to retrieve knowledge, incidents, problems, changes, and more from within the system.  Search increases self-service adoption and helps technicians correlate information into a working solution. Once a solution or workaround is found, simply update the record and use links to notify affected users, post to the news scroller, and update the knowledge base.  Anyone who subscribes to a service will also be notified.

Proactively manage service levels & spot trends

Service level management is critical to help set expectations, track performance, communicate results, and improve quality. ServiceNow automates the entire process using configurable metrics to measure activity and workflows to drive service level agreements.  Proactive triggers and inactivity monitors help prevent SLA breaches and records slipping through the cracks.  Real-time interactive dashboards provide transparency and information needed to spot trends and optimize operations.

Strive for excellence

The long term success of any organization relies on continual service improvement.  One of the best ways to measure a service is to ask people about their experience.  Surveys complement record metrics, closure codes, audit histories, and more to provide a comprehensive view of performance. Pull all this together into easily digestible reports that can be requested on demand, scheduled, or published to dashboards to fuel your continual service improvement program

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