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Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Oct 10, 2017 1:15:01 PM
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After Knowledge17, ServiceNow has produced a new ServiceNow Store infographic with the latest stats on customers and app installs, incorporated the new Lightspeed Enterprise look and feel,  and sliced and diced some shiny new (and mainstay top apps) app icons to match the five ServiceNow solutions (IT, Customer Service, HR, Security, and Business Apps).

ServiceNow also utilized the new company messaging so that customers and partners can see how the Store fits into the bigger Lightspeed Enterprise and Work at Lightspeed picture.

business apps-1.jpg

Infographic highlights:

  1. Store apps are one of the two main components of the Business Apps solution (along with custom apps developed by customers and partners) ->  for every department/BU/shared service in the Enterprise.
  2. ServiceNow Store = Lightspeed global distribution for partners and lightspeed time to value/go-live for customers.
  3. # of App installs increased 265% and # of unique logos (customers) who've procured at least one app from the Store increased 203% since K16.
  4. Installs per customer are increasing (more repeat customers).
  5. Store has 250+ apps from 150+ Technology Partners that enhance and extend ServiceNow solutions (IT, CSM, HR, Security) and the nine corresponding conversations (Modernize ITSM, Eliminate Service Outages and so on).

business apss english.jpg

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