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Posted by SilverStorm on Oct 2, 2020 8:30:00 AM


Clients are seeking to simplify solutions to be able to efficiently manage their businesses. The trend of the past of having two, three, or four different apps is being abandoned. The reason is very simple: companies want to have visibility and traceability of all movements from a single tool. The Digital Transformation is making it easier for organisations to scale and operate in increasingly changing, dynamic, and demanding scenarios.

Under this new paradigm, each business strategy is reformulated with an eye fixed on growth, business continuity, and increased employee productivity; variables of an equation that can only be solved by integrating the disruptive value models and projections provided by new technologies. It is clear that nothing should be left to improvisation because there is a risk of slowing progress and, with it, the mechanisms of adaptation to the new normal.

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The challenge is great, and each organisation starts with a different level of maturity. Therefore, the starting point is to identify processes that you want to accelerate and then to formally define and map them. Later they will have to be digitised, especially if your goal is to automate and interrelate them. Orchestration must not be overlooked, an essential part since the interdependencies of the processes are identified so that it is possible to know what consequences an event or a specific incidence will have.

The proposal of SilverStorm together with ServiceNow is simplicity. Why? It guarantees an agile organisational environment that hides the complexity of the technology where the user experience is simplified. Through a single layer, it offers the end user a tool to be able to do everything that concerns their business. In this way, any process is built quickly and digitally without the person who benefits from them noticing anything. Simplicity is the common denominator of a user-centric space, whether the user is a client, an employee, or a supplier. These different roles should feel like they have control over their own experience.

In this way, they have the independence of the cloud, which also provides resilience. ServiceNow is always there, with their infrastructure ready to understand what’s going on and provide agility and data visibility. As it is all very simple, you can use the processes that are created in the platform, designed according to the needs of the clients, and customise them so that the tasks flow easily.

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With these workflows, people can operate smartly, and organisations get a faster return on their technology investments. For this reason, it is time to make a decision. Do you want to be one of the organisations that advances or, on the contrary, one that waits for another train to arrive? According to IDC, 45% of organisations worldwide are now in economic decline, and 64% plan to be part of the pioneering team in adopting emerging technologies.

The pandemic has revealed that 20th century architectures are slow and isolated from today’s work environment, where speed and agility are crucial. To thrive in this era, it is important to deliver smart, spend-optimised experiences. In this way you can respond to business changes, provide your employees with suitable experiences wherever they are, boost productivity, and transform your organisation to protect critical services while performing efficient and effective work.

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