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Posted by SilverStorm on Apr 30, 2020 2:34:19 PM


Are all your employees connected to and feel supported by the information they receive from the company? Is there feedback? If you are working remotely and use programmes such as Teams, Zoom, Slack or HipChat, chances are your immediate response is yes. You have the channel and the message.

That’s far from the truth. It’s true that you have complementary tools that allow you to exchange information, but to get the most out of them, you need to provide a secure and centralized framework using ServiceNow's Integration Hub. With this top layer, companies have control and traceability of the channels employees create to solve problems.

Imagine a virus infects the computers of the entire staff, the service desk receives the incident and starts working. The ticket reaches the call centre operators who are then active. The logical solution would be for them to have a channel where they centralize the problem and the subsequent actions. A virtual crisis cabinet that eliminates downtime and duplicated tasks.

Therefore, it is essential to give organizations a boost with reliable and efficient data. It is also essential to streamline complex information integration environments to increase productivity, combining data flow governance with self-service. This will increase the Digital Transformation speed without losing sight of an innovative approach that also keeps hybrid integration environments under control, a culture that facilitates continuous adaptation with a modern axis that revolves around unifying, governing and sharing.

At this point, Silverstorm provides solutions and benefits with Link ServiceNow to Communication Tools:

- Complete traceability of the situation

- Smoother and faster communication

- Time savings in investigating the problem

- Real-time channels with the right people, who must know and report on the problem the company is facing

- Time and cost savings

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