Talent, the cornerstone of productivity

Posted by Rian Butcher on May 13, 2020 8:15:00 AM


Talent is the cornerstone which makes a company succeed. However, you need a driving force, a locomotive. At this point, leadership comes into play, which becomes the fuel that activates and links people’s know-how around a common project. These two elements allow SilverStorm to walk the path of Digital Transformation. And we do so aware that trusting and recognizing the potential of our teams will help place us at the forefront. What's more, the data supports this roadmap.

According to Gartner, only 29% of companies believe they have the talent they need to maintain their productivity demands. It is for this reason that we rely on long-term plans that are always aligned with the motivation that moves each and every one of our workers.

Without focusing too much on tomorrow’s success, we walk the path with humble colleagues who are eager to reach the top and who have the emotional intelligence necessary to find solutions to problems. The first contact with the new members of the SilverStorm team is an interactive session in which they learn about our culture from the company’s veterans, who share stories, anecdotes and experience.  

The next step is a 100-day onboarding where we explain what we expect from them and what they can expect from us. This is a critical period that helps develop a professional career evolution plan, where training and mentoring are very present. In this way, the client benefits from a good project, relationship and service.

The working benefits don’t stop there, as we are always considering talent and development. The fertilisation of the land is essential in order to collect the best fruit. By enhancing the attitudes and skills of each employee, they can become the best leaders. This is a common policy at SilverStorm, where 95% of its leaders have learned that role within the company.

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It is a very wise decision to be committed to organic growth. In fact, Gartner believes that the biggest challenge for organizations is preparing their professionals. The market demands profiles that require greater versatility and capacity to cope with various business environments in which change is continuous.

This is the reality at SilverStorm. Our leaders have the correct mindset to lead the strategic and cultural changes necessary to guarantee our success as a company. Our success crosses borders because it is based on a philosophy where the leader is made, but the team is the one that shines, not the individual.

Communication is vital. We establish this feedback through One Team · One Experience, where we inform about the business strategy through different channels. Each member of our team has the opportunity to get involved, share their opinions, apply for any vacancies… Also, every quarter I meet with leaders to listen to their needs and understand the work from their point of view. Another common practice is to have coffee with the new recruits to find out their expectations and why they want to be part of our project.

We also stimulate the creativity of each silverstormer and show them that they have a career ahead of them. It is necessary to bear in mind that the average age of the employees is 33 years old. For many it is their first job. We thus help them find their own path, that area where they feel most comfortable in and can face up to their professional and personal challenges.

Although we are growing, we organise many team building events that, backed by our daily philosophy, keep the family flame burning, which has always characterised us. The type of people we have at SilverStorm makes it easier because we all understand what moves us all and where we are heading.

We don’t lose sight of the individual style of each partner because it is this diversity that is used as a source of inspiration and makes it possible for us to make each of our client’s projects a reality. We are all different, but we don’t forget the essence of success:  The tandem formed by talent and leadership.

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