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Posted by SilverStorm on Oct 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Companies invest a lot of money in technology and equipment to organize their processes and to improve performance. The point is that data networks are increasing their extension, which makes it difficult to properly manage the system and its processes. Assuming a role of control over these technologies is the first step to detect of problems in advance and in a more proactive way by monitoring of environments.

In this scenario, Zenoss emerges. An application that monitors the technological infrastructure of a company, reducing costs. It is a very complete suite that facilitates the work of users, while feeding on their suggestions. In addition, it is prepared to operate under a free software environment and surrounded by great allies, such as big data and machine learning.

Many organizations have dozens of management and monitoring tools. They do their job on a certain plot, however, they are not related to each other. Offering a global and real-time view of the critical applications that run a business and how you can optimize the growing IT service is key. For this reason, AIOps is gaining the attention of the industry.

AIOps is an artificial intelligence assistant, integrated in Zenoss, which can take proactive measures on the problems it detects. Thanks to this solution, workers enjoy constant performance, which translates into a significant reduction in IT and their human resources. Also employees will not have to work against the clock to try to solve mountains of user tickets. The essence of Zenoos lies in the combination of machine learning and deep experience. Thus, it is able to provide direct recommendations on the changes that need to be made to improve performance or prevent problems before they become a major issue.

But to ensure business success in the new environment of Digital Transformation and product development, the challenges that must be addressed to compete with the best. And they are many. AIOps are added security, risk management, predictive analysis and DevOps. This last methodology has been in the market for a few years and is based on the integration between developers and system administrators, which allows the former to focus on their work and to be able to deploy their code in seconds. This provides greater flexibility, more quality, lower cost and high frequency of launches.

DevOps changes the way in which the software development cycle is managed at the technological level, but above all at the cultural level. It goes from working in silos to doing it more collaboratively. The complete cycle is covered, guaranteeing quality products, made in the shortest possible time. It is added that the dreaded duplicities are eliminated too. With this methodology, a new value is given to customers and the business itself.

Therefore, Zenoss is advancing positions in the market to dominate the most complex IT environments. And it does so through its three versions: Core, Service Dynamics and Cloud. Zenoss Core provides a web interface that allows system administrators to monitor availability, configuration, performance and events. It is designed to perform an efficient centralized administration of the company's technological tools. The main strengths compared to similar applications are the support, the power of its modules and the degree of usability. Due to free-of-charge, Zenoss Core has its limitations because it depends on the user community.

Zenoss Service Dynamics is a trading platform based on the free Core tool, but based on the amount of support needed through a payment. It provides an incomparable dynamic balance and performance perspectives that makes it possible to optimize any IT environment by creating the most intelligent infrastructure relationship models.

The last version of Zenoss is the integration between Zenoss and Google Cloud Platform, which aims to analyse hybrid cloud environments. The idea is that customers can identify problems in real time and provide information on the components and services affected. Monitoring information to optimize any IT environment, and sharing data with other ITOM tools to automate problems.

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