The success of a business, is a reflection of its human team

Posted by Rocío Sanguino on Oct 18, 2016 5:58:11 PM

At SilverStorm we have always said that growth and progress must be three-fold in order for transformation to work and for the company to be more competitive:

  • Technology
  • Processes
  • People

In this post we will take one of these 3 points as a reference: people. And we are going to focus on it from Human Resources.

Members are a vital part of businesses, and must be cared for directly by companies. People must be a priority for Human Resource professionals, even though this focus is often lost, mainly due to routine tasks being carried out in inefficient processes which can lead to manual errors.

The speed at which changes take place leaves companies with little margin, forcing them to continue to work with slow, obsolete tools and methodologies. It is necessary to move towards a streamlined, automated way of working with global, agreed strategic measures and movements which can put an end to existing models.

A study carried out by ServiceNow on leaders in this division shows that 74% of Senior Managers intend to transform and restructure their Human Resources Department over the next 12 months, precisely in order to care for their biggest asset: people.

The importance of leadership in the change process

The position taken up by the leader in this situation is key. All changes must be aligned to the overall strategy within the organisation. The involvement of the people in charge of this division is fundamental in ensuring a successful changeover, which must focus on service at all times.

The ServiceNow study also shows that this department only invests 31% of its time in monitoring and working on global strategic actions, showing that maintaining these customs is a mistake.

The heads of department are fully aware of the need for change and that measures must be implemented in order to improve business performance, abandoning basic tasks and, above all, focusing on actions for development and better talent management.


Research is the driving force behind transformation

8 out of 10 HR leaders believe that investing in technology would bring added value (83%) and would bolster and improve the efficiency of the company's global strategy (80%).

For this reason, a large number of the senior managers surveyed intend to increase the budget assigned to technological investment over the next 12 months. All this is a clear opportunity to do away with inefficient processes which may lead to manual errors.

How do we manage people at SilverStorm?

 At SilverStorm, apart from using ServiceNow as a technological platform to cover different areas of the Human Resources Department, such as handling CVs, onboarding, training, training satisfaction surveys, knowledge, etc., we also have a motivation and inspiration plan for employees (Employee Success Program).

This line came about to promote the growth of SilverStorm from within. The plan, and the different programmes implemented through it, is used to identify points to improve the talent of our employees and their future promotion toward senior positions. The individual growth of each of the members of our company brings about the global growth of SilverStorm.


The lines which work in favour of our employees are: 

  • ESP: Employee Succession Programme: The aim of this programme is to internally promote the growth of the company, analysing the characteristics demonstrated by the employee in line with the future post. The programme is also used to identify which employees will be promoted to other positions of responsibility. It is necessary to ensure that the employee gets the promotion.
  • EHP: Employee Hiring Program. Hiring of new employees.
  • PDP: Personal Development Program. This was created to document the professional analysis process for company employees. It analyses the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in the context of the role played by the person within the company.
  • EIP: Employee Inspiration Program. This program covers everything related to the evolution and inspiration of employees. This is a personalised training plan created in accordance with the PDP programme and driven by the EMP programme described in the following point. Inspired employees are more productive. For this reason, the aim of the programme is to incentivise and attract employees, ensuring they feel they are an essential part of SilverStorm.
  • EMP: Employee Mentoring Program. To establish a mentor-mentoree relationship focused on helping new employees adapt to the culture and standards of the company.
  • EVP: Employee Volunteer Program. This line is one of the atoms of SilverStorm's DNA, and is an opportunity to learn, acquire new skills and develop as part of a team.
  • EAP: Employee Advocacy Program. Focused on the image projected by the people who make up the company. This is vital, particularly with regards to customers, since they generate the brand experience through their daily work.

SilverStorm's employees are part of the company's DNA, and must, at the same time, count on each of the values which make up this DNA: respect, legitimacy, adaptability, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, willingness to learn and improve, excellence, integrity, dedication, etc. 

And at your business, how much importance do you give to people?

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