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Posted by David de Matias Batalla on Jan 10, 2018 10:52:48 AM
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HR management system must ensure that companies are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. Old solutions that many firms have implemented are involved on continual enterprise growth those features cannot deliver an excellent service to all the organization.

Old HR management system cause employees spend much time doing administrative task, which sometimes are duplicated by their colleagues. In multinational firms which there are some subsidiaries working at the same time it causes weakness and ineffiencies, inducing that 60% of time employees are working on operating and administrative task without value instead of being focus on value activities as for example strategical tasks.

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SilverStorm see a lacked a universal HR management system. According with SHRM Executive Network firms had to contend with multiple website links, email addresses, and phone numbers for different tasks like performance reviews and benefits review and selection. The local HR support centers were able to help, but only during nor business hours.

A New Approach to HR Services

Same as SHRM Executive Netwotk we have realized firms need to improve their HR operations holistically, identifying some key areas:

  • Centers of expertise: Focus on talent acquisition, talent management, and total rewards including benefits and compensation
  • HR strategic partner: The goal is optimized HR process with a trust partner to implement and support the new HR tool, generating value in each activity.
  • HR shared services: This team must manage general HR administration via a centralized portal and service center that automates a number of tasks and processes, including inquiries and transactions; performance management a recognition systems; and HR records and compliance and payroll.

Automating Manual HR Tasks and Enabling Self-Service

One of the key of Digital Transformation in HR is the use of the self-service portal to search for policies applicable to their specific regions, submit questions and forms, search for documents, report HR issues, monitor the status of active requests, and use an instant message client to chat one-on-o live with an HR representative. Even must be included an instant messaging, or chat, function to improve productivity. No more phone calls, no more being placed on hold for long periods of time, no more confusion over which website to v and no more being tethered to a PC. Employee need access all of these features and functional 24/7 on any device, including smartphones and tablets. HR’s work is also quantifiable thanks to the central dashboard’s data collection, analysis a reporting capabilities.

Checklist for Successful HR Transformations

Looking back over the past year, there are three lessons I’ve learned from our customer that may help other organizations facing similar issues: 

  • Have a vision. 
  • Have a great experience
  • Provide leadership

When I think of how much effort we’ve put into this project and how remarkable the result have been, something the great poet Maya Angelou wrote comes to mind:  "We delight in beauty of the buttery, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty." I can’t think of a better analogy for a challenging process that has proven to be well worth effort. 

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